Not only popular as a television series, Ultraman is also available in a game version.

For you, Ultraman lovers, now is the time for you to try to be an Ultraman and fight against enemies or criminals.

Download Ultraman ORB Mod APK

Ultraman Orb mod apk is an Ultraman game application that has been modified so that you can play more freely with all the conveniences and additional features provided.

Gameplay is also very exciting and challenging. If you have ever played the Marvel Extraordinary War game, it’s more or less like that. The difference is, you want to use Ultraman’s personality.

What’s more, on this basis ApkVenue will give you this type of game that has been modified so that you get a cool bonus feature.

It’s just that this game is only in Japanese, friends. If you don’t understand the language, try to rely on your feelings,

Link Download Ultraman ORB Mod APK

Game NameUltraman Orb Mod Apk
Last update1 day ago
Minimal Android Version4.0 or more


Download Now

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For those of you who can’t wait to play it, the download process can be done here. We will provide a tutorial or how to install it.

But before installing, try to check your settings menu first. Your cellphone must be in a mode to accept the installation process whose source comes from outside the Play store. 

Here’s how to install it:

  1. Enter the settings menu
  2. Select the security menu then check the Unknown Sources point
  3. Download the game on the link provided above
  4. Wait until the download process is complete
  5. The installation will be done automatically once the application file has been completely saved.
  6. Game Ultraman is ready to be played.

Ultraman Orb, Game of Fun and Power

Link Download Ultraman ORB Mod APK

Ultraman Orb Mod Apk has a capacity of approximately 200 Mb. You need a large enough storage space to have it.

Why is this app so big in size? Because the Ultraman game has quite high graphics and a variety of real-looking effects.

The aim of this Ultraman Orb Game is to protect the earth from attacks by extraterrestrial beings who endanger the lives of earthlings.

In Ultraman Orb Mod Apk, you can not only control 1 Ultraman, but even 3 Ultraman at the same time to fend off the attacks of evil monsters.

The quality of this game is extraordinary because it looks very close to the original picture or film.

Besides that, the Ultraman game also provides quite a variety of character variations. There are around 20 Ultraman characters that you can choose from as well as monster characters to fight against.

With the many effects provided, you will enjoy it more and carry out the battle more intensely. Below are the moves that you can have in Ultraman games such as:

  1. Specium Kohsen, which is a famous jutsu belonging to Ultraman can emit the power of light by crossing his right hand with his left hand and forming a plus sign.
  2. Attack Beam is a beam of power that comes out of Ultraman’s hand punch
  3. Ultra See-through Beam, is a beam power that can make Ultraman see objects that are invisible to the naked eye such as monsters hiding underground.
  4. Yatuzaki Kohrin is a ring-shaped beam that can be used to cut any object.
  5. Ultra Air Attack, is the power of light that can defy gravity
  6. Ultra Water Stream, is Ultraman’s ability to spray water from his hands, usually used to extinguish flames.
  7. Teleportation, is Ultraman’s ability to be able to move places in the blink of an eye, even between galaxies.
  8. Ring is the power or energy of light in the form of a chain to bind monsters.

This Ultraman Orb Mod Apk has been modified into an offline version, so you will still be able to play it even if there is no internet connection.

Playing games doesn’t always have to be serious, thinking hard to compete for strategies.

This Ultraman game is light enough to play for those of you who just want to fill your free time or just want to relax. So, immediately have the game and play to your heart’s content.

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