Do you feel your kids are going into forbidden areas or employees are leaving the office early? Thanks to the latest technology, you can easily Track A Cell Phone Location. You only need a reputable phone surveillance app.

Track A Cell Phone Location

Although today there are multiple phone surveillance apps, not all deliver a reliable service. However, with some advanced surveillance apps, you get phone location tracking and much more. 

Read on to find how to track someone’s phone location. In this guide, we show you the process of tracking a cell phone using one of the reputable surveillance apps. 

Minspy – The best cell phone tracking app

If you need a leading phone surveillance app, it doesn’t get better than Minspy. With Minspy, you get a cell phone tracking app trusted by over a million users across the world. Best of all, it works on iOS and Android.

minispy Track A Cell Phone Location

What’s more, major media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times have featured the app. Minspy some with over 30 phone surveillance features that let you do more than just track a phone’s whereabouts. 

You can even track a phone’s location through its number using Minspy. Follow this link to learn more about Minspy SIM card tracking capabilities. The app is popular with parents and employers. 

What features do you get?

Well, Minspy comes with close to 3 dozen features. So, you can track virtually anything on the target device. Although we won’t list all the features, here are some of them: 

1. Location tracking

Minspy location tracking feature is among its popular features. The app lets you get details such as GPS coordinates, street addresses, and location history of a device. It provides you with precise details about the device location. 

Best of all, you can establish the real-time location of the target device. So, with Minspy you will always know where your target device is at all times. Precise location tracking also includes a geofence feature. 

The geofence feature allows you to define a virtual boundary for your target device. Minspy will then send you notifications whenever the target device crosses the set boundary. This feature is popular with parents. 

2. Social media tracking

With Minspy, you can track all the popular social media apps and activities. The app lets you access all the chats and posts on the target device. You will get to know who the device user chats with and the files they share. 

Minspy can track Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat among others. The app even has a way of ensuring you have access to deleted chats on the target device.

Social media tracking

With Minspy all the chats including text messages are backed up on its server. This way, you have a way of accessing all deleted chats. Also, it eliminates any worries you may have about deleted chats on the target device. 

3. Browser history tracking

Minspy lets you access the browser history on the target device. You will know what websites the device user visits including online searches. It provides a way to know which websites are visited on the device. 

4. Call log tracking

You can also track the call log on the target cell phone. The feature gives you access to all received, dialled, and missed calls. So, you will know who the cell phone user has been in contact with. 

What’s more, Minspy lets you know the frequently contacted cell phone number. Best of all, you get to know the call duration and the time the call was made. 

How to track a cell phone location using Minspy

It takes a few easy steps to track a cell phone’s location using Minspyt. Here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Start by visiting the official Minspy website to sign up for an account. Also, make sure you choose a plan that meets your tracking needs. 

Step 2: Next, set up the target cell phone. For an iOS device, no installation necessary. However, you will need to provide the iCloud Credentials and verify them. 

If the target is an Android device, you will need one-time access to install the app on the target. The app will automatically delete its icon and disguise itself. Ensure you give the app all the access it needs to do its job. 

Step 3: After configuring the target device, Minspy will take a few minutes to sync the details. When it’s done, hit the Start button to finish the setup process. 

Step 4: Now, log in to your Minspy dashboard to start tracking your target device. On your dashboard, open the location tab on the scroll tab to the left.

track a cell phone location

Here, Minspy will give you access to location details including GPS coordinates, real-time location, and street address.  

Why choose Minspy?

Besides dozens of features, Minspy comes with amazing characteristics that make it unique. Here are some of its characteristics. 

1. Root-free and jailbreak-free solution

With Minspy, you won’t have to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices to track them. The app capitalizes on the latest technology to track both Android and iOS devices. 

Minspy is among the few apps that have achieved this milestone in phone tracking. Besides, rooting or jailbreaking a device takes time and requires technical know-how. 

Also, it compromises the security of the target device. What’s more, it voids the warranty of the target device. 

2. Discreet

All the phone tracking activities take place in stealth to avoid detection. Minspy works in the background to ensure it never interferes with phone performance. Also, it uses very little phone resources such as storage. 

For instance, on iOS devices, Minspy doesn’t require installation. Rather, the app uses the iCloud backup to track the target device. You only need the iCloud credentials used on the target device. 

Also, on Android, Minspy works in stealth. The Android app requires installation but it automatically disguises itself. Minspy allows you to uninstall the Android app remotely after you are done tracking your target. 

3. Remote tracking capability

Minspy is a web-based phone tracking app that allows you to use any web browser. It lets you access your Minspy dashboard using your preferred browser. 

So, you won’t have to install any special software to track your target. This allows you to track your target cell phone remotely over the internet. As such, it is difficult for the device user to recognize your activities. 

4. Safe

All Minspy tracking activities are safe since the app never collects data from third-party apps. This way, you are guaranteed your target’s data privacy. Also, Minspy ensures you are the only person who can access the content on your Minspy dashboard. 


Today you can track a cell phone location without the services of security agencies thanks to technology. You only need to establish a reliable cell phone tracking app for the job. Check out Minspy for your tracking needs.

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