Stack is not just a browser, it is a productivity tool that will enable you to become a true multitasker and do things you normally can’t with a “regular” internet browser.

How stack is different from traditional browsers?



Traditional internet browsers like Chrome, Bing, and Firefox are quite the same, not only in how they look but in how they function as well (considering they were all created in the 90s).

However, the internet has developed and people are opening a huge number of tabs every day. This ends up with a mess in their browsers that significantly slow down their computers.

That is one of the problems that Stack solves. This productivity tool brings a totally new experience with managing tabs and going through multiple windows in a way that is so intuitive it’s almost a wonder how others haven’t think of it yet.

Here’s a good example:

Let’s say you are chatting on Discord. Every time you need to send a message to a different person, you will have to switch windows.

With Stack, there is no need to go through such a hassle. You can open multiple Discord windows at the same time.

Aside from that cool feature, you don’t need multiple tabs and different windows for various purposes. You can create “stacks” and “spaces” of your apps and websites, which makes it feel like you are using a 3D operating system.

There are also various useful features like shortcuts you can use that will enable you to navigate at the speed of your thought. You can also mute all your apps with a single click or set up a custom refresh timer for your websites and apps, and many other features.

Open Multiple Accounts of Any App Without Logging Out

One of the best features Stack has to offer is to allow you to open multiple accounts of any app without logging out (or starting a new incognito window). Others solve this by opening different browsers.

Stack does this simply by enabling you to create “private sessions” of that app, which is a separate and distinct session from the one where you have currently logged in. With this, you can virtually create an unlimited number of sessions per app, without ever logging out.

This works with every app out there including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, Asana, and many others. In fact, if Stack can open it, then you can create multiple private sessions for that website or app.

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