Founded in 2001, the scholarly journal of scientific research and essay writing is the first interdisciplinary journal devoted to studying, writing, and publishing undergraduate students from various academic disciplines. The University of North Carolina issues the journal at Charlotte (UNCC).

It features a variety of scholarly articles, as well as papers and publications from both students and faculty members. The journal has been ranked as one of the top 100 best essay service for undergraduate research by the National Science Foundation. The journal is open to the public and is available for free online.


Whether a graduate or undergraduate student, you can find opportunities to publish your research in a scholarly journal. The motive of an academic journal is to provide publishing opportunities for students in all disciplines. It is also a meeting for the presentation of original research samedayessay reviews. Usually, articles are written in technical language, including diagrams, graphs, surveys, or experiments. A group of experts in the field evaluates these articles.

The American Journal of Undergraduate Research (AJUR) is a national multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal. It is open-access, archived, and indexed. It is published quarterly and has high standards for content. Its editorial board is comprised of fifty professional subject editors.

Papers & Publications

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or an aspiring scholar, it takes time to beat a peer-reviewed journal. They are open to submissions from all academic disciplines and boast an enviable roster of editorial staff willing to sift through the thousands of requests to find the good stuff. And while it’s true that many journals are stingy about their submissions, the best ones will be more than happy to publish your work.

The Undergraduate Research Journal, for instance, is an open-access publication that accepts creative works from students across the university. The journal’s website has details on how to submit your entries.

Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Redactologie

Located at the Bennett Library of Simon Fraser University, the Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/Redactologie has been around for more than 30 years. In 2011, it moved to a no-fee open-access format. The CJSDW/R is also the official periodical of the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing, a scholarly organization with a multidisciplinary focus. The organization includes various disciplines, from rhetoric to digital-mediated communication, emphasizing visual and text-based discourse.

The DW/R is most notable for its use of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, which allows readers to remix, tweak, and improve the content of its publications without attribution or compensation. This is not to be confused with the Creative Commons BY-SA license, which prohibits all derivative works.

Inquiries Journal

Founded in 2009 as Student Pulse by Northeastern University in Boston students, Inquiries Journal has quickly grown into an open-access multidisciplinary journal. It presents student scholarship in the arts and social sciences of essayshark. The journal’s mission is to foster student research and essay writing and to serve the community by providing an accessible forum for students’ voices. Its flagship journal is a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal of philosophy. Its editorial board is led by Dustin Turin, who has been an editor for twenty years.

The Journal for Global Business and Community is a multidisciplinary e-journal that serves those affected by the global economy and those studying it. Its articles cover various subjects, from ethical issues to the functional dimensions of international business organizations.

Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (PURM)

PERM is a scholarly journal of scientific research and essay writing that encourages undergraduate research. This open-access journal publishes peer-reviewed articles. It includes both the natural and social sciences. Prairie View A&M University publishes it.

It is an interdisciplinary journal that accepts submissions from students in all academic disciplines. The journal aims to promote a culture of innovation and collaboration between students and faculty. It is also a source of information about research events and opportunities. It is published quarterly, and the United States Library of Congress archives the content.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Undergraduate Research Journal

Undergraduate Research is an open-access, educator-reviewed journal designed for undergraduate students, featuring outstanding student scholarship in the fields of science, arts, and literature. The journal publishes empirical manuscripts, creative works, and theoretical articles. It also accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, and art.

The Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal is an online publication that welcomes all undergraduates to submit their work. All submissions are reviewed by undergraduate students who act as editors and faculty advisers. The journal publishes every four months.

Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research was founded in 2009 and is supported by the University of Tennessee Office of Research. It is a student-led initiative that seeks to publish the scholarly work of undergraduates. “And Now What Am I Going To Study?: Choose Your University Degree” very useful article like others that you will find in our blog.

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