See hidden last seen on WhatsApp – The WhatsApp application also provides several simple features called font style, where you can adjust your text style like making your text italic or commonly called italic font, or make your text dark bigger, called bold, or give an underscore called an underline, and others other.

The WhatsApp application has features that regulate the use of our privacy for others, such as hiding some simple privacy such as the last time you opened the Whatsapp application and other privacy.

See hidden last seen on WhatsApp

you can deactivate the feature and also be able to reactivate the feature, not just that, you can also set that only the people you save the numbers can see when was the last time you opened WhatsApp, while other people whose numbers you didn’t save can’t see the last time you opened WhatsApp.

This feature is usually used by stalkers to see whether you are online or not, or also test you whether you reply to a message from him or ignore it, but what if for example your friend disables privacy view last seen or last seen and your message is still ignored by people is that?

How to See hidden last seen on WhatsApp Using tracker

You can use this third-party application to find out your friend who is online on Whatsapp, here’s how to see the last seen or last seen other people’s Whatsapp hidden on Android.

1. Install the WhatsApp last seen tracker apk application on the Play Store.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”″ text=”OnLog Plus” ]

See hidden last seen on WhatsApp

2. Then you open the application.

3. Now enter the name of the target or the name of the owner of the cell phone number of your friend or girlfriend, next enter the country where the number is, and enter the phone number without using the number 0 at the beginning, for example, 8022451457, then tap Start to Follow.

whatsapp last seen4. Then you tap on the button gave the box drawn below.

last seen whatsapp tracker5. Then, if your friend or girlfriend is online or is opening the Whatsapp application, you will see the status as below. When your friend or girlfriend is online, a notification will appear.

last seen

6. Finish.

Note: not all numbers can be found out if he is online or offline.

So many tutorials on how to see Last seen or Last seen what Whatsapp has hidden, hopefully it will be useful

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