Marketing is the doorway to reaching your target audience. If you own a business startup, you should take the next step to expose your product to your potential customers. Unless you take the bold step to advertise your products and services, you may never close the sales that you need.

One of the fertile grounds to generate leads who later become customers is social media. As a result, you need to start planning how to stage forth a marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, among other platforms. 

Sales Through Social Media Advertising 

If you’ve never run a marketing campaign on social media for a product, the thought of it can be overwhelming. You may also think of having the private viewer apps to research about social media marketing while being totally anonymous. However, you can hire experts, such as fractional content review professionals, to undertake your work. These experts give you professional services at a fraction cost compared to an in-house team. To help you close good sales after your investment in social media marketing, here are some tips for you: 

Use Mobile-Friendly Content

The number of people accessing social media through smartphones is way higher than those using desktops and laptops. In addition, this number is expected to rise due to the growth of the mobile phone market. As a result, you need to take note of that and ensure your content is optimized to be mobile-friendly. 

Generally, mobile-friendly content should be shorter in length to fit in the mobile phone screen. Here are pro tips for churning out mobile-friendly content: 

  • Major on building awareness and having video views.  
  • Be strategic to post when your audience is likely to be using their devices. For instance, when they’re traveling to work or from work.    
  • Use mobile-optimized landing pages.  
  • Optimize your videos with mobile-friendly subtitles.  

The consultant nextdoor book is a good read for you if you’re looking for a book to help you gain more understanding on creating mobile-friendly social media content.

Leverage Flash Sales

Flash sales can work a miracle of selling in large volumes. In addition, flash sales are about selling your products at a highly discounted price for a short time. For a successful flash sale campaign, consider doing the following: 

  • Customers need a quick shipment of their order; thus, consider using a one-day shipping schedule. 
  • Be ready to handle a surge of traffic and processing of purchases. As a result, ensure that your server is optimized to handle thousands of customers in a day. Having a chatbot on your online shop can be a big win for your business.  
  • Monitor the surge of traffic and produce your goods in large amounts to avoid disappointing your customers by purchasing products that aren’t there. 

Consistently Use Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful advertisement tools on Twitter and other platforms. It helps your audience track your content and participate in the conversations due to the trackable nature of hashtags.

In addition, you’re able to track your posts when they’re tagged with a hashtag. You can also focus on sharable hashtags and ones that your target customers can personalize. Finally, be consistent in the use of hashtags for maximum benefit.   

Start A Pinterest Contest

A Pinterest contest is an excellent way of reducing cart abandonment. It’s believed that most shoppers purchased after seeing a contest on this platform. Due to its nature, Pinterest content is very friendly for e-commerce businesses.

On this platform, you can easily drum up the awareness of your brand or even reach out to a new audience. Many people are willing to purchase even if they don’t win the contest. However, they’re much willing to try their luck out.  

Advertise Free Shipping

Know that every customer will be pleased to save any single dollar and have the product they need. As a result, free shipping advertisement has the potential to level up organic leads and consequently your business sales.

In addition, it can attract new customers who later may become loyal customers once the promotion is over.  

Take Advantage Of Seasons And Events

You need to be wise and take advantage of the times you might live in. For instance, you can post advertisements in line with Christmas time. It would help if you transitioned with the moods of your esteemed customers.

This way, you’re likely to close more sales and reduce the chances of cart abandonment too. Again, if it’s summertime, you can prioritize selling summer dresses compared to other types of clothing. 

Wrapping Up 

The power of social media to boost your business sales can’t be overemphasized. Therefore, you need to ensure that you sustain your market dominance by beefing your digital marketing campaigns with social media advertising. As a result, this article is a masterpiece compilation of strategies that can help you close sales through social media marketing.

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