Instagram isn’t limited to all fun and games anymore. It has now become the hub of social media marketing, and now is the time to leverage any opportunity that comes your way. Even if one chooses to buy followers on Instagram to further add value to their profile, it takes effort to convert followers to engagement. Having a solid selling proposition is unavoidable, so we are here with 7 real ways to monetize your Instagram account faster.

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1. Post Sponsored Content

Getting monetary compensation for using your feed to post promotional content is one of the most common and simplest ways to monetize your Instagram account. One needs to buy Instagram followers or be a renowned influencer to use this method.

There are many brands with a limited budget, looking for micro-influencers with 1k+ followers for promotions. Consistently posting sponsored content with a creative taste of your personality might be able to help you reach a macro-influencer level and convert followers to engagement. 

2. Become a Brand Ambassador

Influencers are now on top of the social media food chain. Even though posting sponsored posts can help you earn, brands are now on the lookout for long-term relationships with brand ambassadors. Brands are looking for people who have an engaging targeted audience, so work on building a loyal audience to convert followers to engagement.

Make sure to create your brand identity, build a follower base and learn how to sell yourself. Becoming a brand ambassador also comes with a lot of perks, so it becomes worth all the effort you put into curating brand-centered content. 

3. Sell Presets and Filter

Being a visual medium, creating and selling your own presets and filters is a great way to monetize your Instagram faster. People aren’t just looking for products anymore, but authenticity and creativity so creating user-generated content is the key to monetizing Instagram.

People on Instagram are attracted to aesthetics and thus, creating visually appealing content like presets, filters, and wallpapers that can add value to someone else’s feed and help you earn. For instance, you can post Before and After images created through Lightroom Presets to compel various influencers and convert followers to engagement.

People skilled at editing can even sell their own story templates, after all, countless brands are looking for unique templates to make their content stand out. 

4. Merchandize and Thrift Stores

Clothes sell like hotcakes. So, if you are looking for sure-shot ways to monetize your Instagram faster, launching your own merch campaign is a fun way to do so. If you want to attract more audience and increase conversion; make sure to tell a story that can help the audience connect with you.

You can talk about your inspiration and the idea behind it, don’t forget to add some coupon codes and offer discounts through your captions. Another way to earn through Instagram is by starting your own thrift store. With an increase in awareness about sustainable practices, thrift stores are the new norm.

We are all guilty of overloading our wardrobes with clothes that we never wear. So, starting your thrift store through a closet clearance sale can be an effective way to monetize your Instagram faster.

5. Product Placement Content

If you’re already a content creator, this one is the perfect pick for you. All you have to do is collaborate with brands and integrate their products or service into your day-to-day content while maintaining the authenticity factor.

You could do it in the form of recommendations, advice, or entertainment. For instance, if you are a DJ, you could create an IGTV video of your gig while effortlessly drawing attention to the equipment of a certain brand.  

6. Sell Your Art

The fact that the Instagram platform is deeply interrelated with the art industry shouldn’t come as a surprise. This makes the option of selling your art on Instagram a great option to monetize your Instagram.

There are various art enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers who use Instagram as a platform to scout for up-and-coming artists. So, if you want to monetize your Instagram to sell your art; be consistent with your posts, build your following, identify the tastemakers, decide the value of your pieces, and don’t be afraid to show it to the world. Your art may be in the form of paintings, digital art, photographs, designs, or anything.

7. Sell Your Expertise

The digital age has opened up a lot of scope for businesses that don’t require the selling of physical goods. If you have a specific niche that you have expertise in, you can use that to monetize your Instagram, with any need to buy Instagram likes.

For instance, if you are a social media marketer, curating short courses around your skill can help you monetize through Instagram. People good at designing soundscapes can also monetize faster by selling sound effects that can be used by vloggers and videographers. Find what you specialize in and plan a content strategy that sells itself. To quote The Joker, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”


Here’s a list of fun activities that can enable you to leverage your hobbies into a legitimized stream of income through Instagram. Don’t forget to switch to a business account to expand your reach and earn up to your potential. Stay tuned for more business tips and tricks, tailored to the digital era.

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