In today’s social media era, many people are keen on using various image processing tools to create fun and personalized images. Midjourney and Deep Dream Generator, as AI-based image processing tools, have gained significant attention. Although they have some similar features, which one is more user-friendly in actual use? This article will compare and evaluate Midjourney and Deep Dream Generator to provide readers with a selection guide.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an image processing tool based on GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) technology, capable of performing various functions such as image style transfer, image enhancement, and image editing. The distinctive feature of Midjourney is its ability to learn and imitate the styles of different artists, thereby transforming ordinary photos into unique, artistic images. In addition, Midjourney can enhance and repair photos, improving the color, contrast, and expressiveness of images.

Which is More User-friendly, Midjourney or Deep Dream Generator?

What is Deep Dream Generator?

Deep Dream Generator is a powerful AI-based image processing tool that utilizes advanced Inceptionism technology to quickly generate unique, dream-like images from user-uploaded photos. In comparison, Deep Dream Generator places more emphasis on users’ creativity and personalization, offering more customization options. Users can freely adjust various settings to create images that meet their needs. At the same time, Deep Dream Generator provides a variety of preset styles, filters, and other options, making the production process more convenient and efficient. Therefore, for users who value creativity and personalization, Deep Dream Generator is a very user-friendly image processing tool.

Which is More User-friendly, Midjourney or Deep Dream Generator?

Function Comparison

FunctionsMidjourneyDeep Dream Generator
User InterfaceConciseIntuitive
Image StyleUpport to generate pictures of different artistic styles: oil painting, crayon, ink…Tools that enhance and exaggerate patterns and features in the original image, creating surreal and dreamlike images.
Parameter SettingsThere’s style, degree of blending, clarity, number of iterations, size ratios, etc.
  • Supports high-resolution images up to 4K.
  • Customizable Parameters: Users can adjust the strength and type of algorithmically enhanced visual features, allowing customization of the conversion process.
Speed and effectThe speed is very fast, 4 pictures can be generated in one minuteSlower, but creative
CustomizabilityThe degree of personality depends on the prompts enteredDifferent models and parameters can be selected for adjustment to generate images of various styles.

The processing effects of the two tools have their own characteristics.

Midjourney mainly focuses on basic image processing functions, helping users perform various image processing and enhancement operations, including but not limited to color adjustment, filter effects, and doodle drawing.

Deep Dream Generator, on the other hand, offers some unique styles and effects, such as Impressionism, painting, and dream-like surreal images. In addition, Deep Dream Generator also provides some advanced special effects and adjustment options, allowing users to make more detailed adjustments and optimizations to their images.


In summary, both Midjourney and Deep Dream Generator are powerful image processing tools. They have some overlap in terms of image style transfer and image enhancement, but they also have their own distinctive features, catering to different image processing needs. You can also learn about using LeiaPix to try to convert pictures into 3D for more possibilities.

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