Maybe for you, computer specifications that are just barely a barrier to playing games.

Want to play the latest Assassin’s Creed game, it turns out the computer is slow. Want to play PUBG, it turns out too slow. Not a few have given up and are considering retiring from gaming. Like it or not, only light pc games or old school PC games are available.

Of course, for those of you who are already rich, or the children of officials, please buy better and adequate hardware to play the latest PC games. But for the rest, you have to be quite satisfied with the choice of lightweight PC games presented in this article.

Welcome to Techpanga, and here are 24 of the most exciting light games that you can play right now!

Best Light PC Games For Low Spec Computers

24. Bastion

bastion Light PC GamesMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU:  Intel Core 2 Duo 1.7GHz processor
  • Video Card:  512MB VRAM Nvidia or AMD with shader model 2.0
  • RAM:  1GB
  • OS:  Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 (64-bit)

Bastion is an RPG game from the Steam platform developed by Supergiant Games. Bastion is a fighting game levelling up while collecting weapons and improving skills which we think is the most exciting part of this game.

If you like games that sharpen your mind and have limited computer hardware, Bastion is worth considering.

23. Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

23. Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU:  Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz processor (E6600)
  • Video Card:  1GB VRAM Nvidia GeForce GT720 or AMD Radeon R7770
  • RAM:  4GB
  • OS:  Windows 7 (64-bit)

Even though it’s light, this game is equipped with smooth graphic quality and doesn’t hurt the eyes. This Mark of the Ninja: Remastered game is a development (remaster) of the original version which was released in 2012.

This game is not only fun but contains puzzle elements that make you also need your brain to play it.

This light game should be able to be played on all PCs and computers, but if your computer is out of date, it might still lag in some parts. But you can!

22. GTA: Vice City

22. GTA: Vice CityMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III / 800 MHz AMD Athlon
  • Video Card: 32 MB Video Card with DirectX 9
  • RAM: 125 MB
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP

Vice City is one of the most successful Light PC Games in the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. This game can also be played on Android, and as we thought, it immediately climbed the popularity ladder as one of the best offline android games ever released.

In this game, you will climb stairs corporation mafia while completing various missions in Vice City (replica Miami). And of course, you don’t need more than 2GB of ram to finish off your business opponents!

21. Don’t Starve

Dont StarveMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: 1.7 GHz
  • Video Card: 256 MB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows XP and above

This survival game looks like a cartoon made by Tim Burton! In Don’t Starve, you have the option to choose a character, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Your main mission is very simple: survive in the harsh world of Don’t Starve.

This Light PC Games has a dark 2D style in a 3D world. If you are confused, just try playing because it will provide some other perspectives so that it makes you feel like you are ‘entering’ into his world.

20. Need for Speed: Underground 2

20. Need for Speed: Underground 2Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon MP
  • Video Card: AMD Radeon X1270 / NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • OS: Win 98/XP

Some of the main advantages of this game are cars that can be customized at will, and street action that is very wild, like those in Fast & Furious movies.

Even Light PC Games, this racing game will still be remembered as the best PC car racing game of all time. And of course, it’s still fun to play!

19. League of Legends

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: 2 GHz Processor
  • Video Card: Intel HD 3000
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. Can you guess why? Yes, this game can be played on a PC or laptop with as little as 1GB of RAM! If your graphics card is in the Nvidia or Radeon series, you can be sure it will run smoothly.

18. Starcraft 2

Starcraft Light PC GamesMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT / Intel Graphics 3000
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS

Although it is often considered one of the best creations in video game history, Starcraft 2 doesn’t need a sophisticated computer to play it. Light PC Games and easy to play.

17. Call of Duty: Black Ops II

17. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHz / AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHz
  • Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB / ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7

In general, this game can be played on an old PC or 4 million laptops with even standard specifications. But don’t expect to be able to play with good graphics (like the picture above), at least you can shoot the enemy and finish this war game.

16. Minecraft

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz
  • RAM: 4GB

This Retro game opens up opportunities for you to be very innovative because you can build any building you like.

Most people think this game is only for children. Our advice is, just try it first, maybe you will get hooked.

You will not be amazed by the graphic beauty of this game. But the visuals that can be adjusted in such a way make this lightweight PC game suitable for any type of computer or laptop.

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15. Broken Age

Broken-age PC Games For Low Specifications ComputersMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Dual Core 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon 4870 HD / Intel HD 3000, 512 MB VRAM

A point-and-click game where you will play 2 characters, namely a boy and a girl, where throughout the game you will switch characters from one to another.

Stories are presented from the point of view of each character so that the stories are not boring.

Too bad we can’t reveal further because it will be a spoiler. So just play this game, guaranteed not to regret it.

14. Project IGI 1

Project GI 1IGI is an extremely addictive shooting amusement game. This is the main shooting game which I truly played out. This is the 20s best shooting game and I personally played and completed all its levels.

Minimum Specifications:

  1. OS: Windows XP
  2. RAM: 256 MB
  3. HDD: 300 MB free space
  4. VGA: 32 MB

13. Thimbleweed Park

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz
  • Video Card:  512MB VRAM Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)

The point-and-click game, nostalgic and full of interesting puzzles. The storyline is quite open-ended so you can explore and try many other paths/ways.

We consider this game to be an adventure game with challenging puzzles, unique characters, and an interesting and mysterious story plot.

12. Papers Please

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz
  • Video Card: 512MB VRAM Nvidia GeForce FX5200 / ATI Radeon 9500 / Intel HD Graphics 2000
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 (64-bit)

Papers please is an indie puzzle game that focuses on difficult emotional choices.

You will become an immigration inspector at the border where you will check documents from abroad, and use the tools available to determine whether the document is valid or not.

11. Limbo

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz
  • Video Card: 128MB VRAM Nvidia GeForce 65000 / ATI Radeon X1550 / Intel GMA 4500
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 (64-bit)

Limbo is a standard platform game with a dark black and white theme that makes the playing feel even creepier. In this game, you will play a child who is looking for his brother who is lost in limbo.

For those of you who don’t know, Limbo is a world border between heaven and hell. Limbo is also often referred to as the ‘edge of hell’, where people who fill it do not deserve to be thrown into hell, but also do not deserve to be heaven.

10. Stardew Valley

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz
  • Video Card:  256MB VRAM Nvidia or AMD with shader model 3.0+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS:  Windows 7 (64-bit)

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game developed by the developer Chucklefish Games.

This game is similar to Harvest Moon where you need to take care of the garden and also help the development of the local village. There are also several other life simulations, for example, you can socialize with residents and marry someone.

9. Hotline Miami

hotline-miamiMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 GHz
  • Video Card: 32MB VRAM Nvidia or AMD
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 (64-bit)

Hotline Miami is a 2D indie game, with a top-down view and an action-shooter genre. The view from the top helps you to plan each action more carefully.

8. To The Moon

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Card: DX 9.0 compatible (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or ATI Radeon 9500
  • OS:  Windows XP SP3 (64-bit)

To The Moon is a game based on a story where two doctors take a time travel to the past through the memory of a dying person, with the aim of being able to fulfil his final wish.

The characters and stories of this game will get stronger as you complete the existing missions.

7. Undertale

undertaleMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU:  Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz processor
  • Video Card:  128MB VRAM Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS:  Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)

This game is a bit difficult to explain, you should just download it or check the gameplay review from YouTube. This RPG game is not like RPG in general.

There are many secret ways that can be revealed in playing this Light PC Games, maybe it will take several tutorials or playthroughs to find out all of them, but it will be a surprise when you find out all of them. How this game looks, is not like how this game is played.

6. SteamWorld Dig

steamworld-digMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB

Dig and manage your underground mine while uncovering the secrets hidden inside.

In this game you will dig underground to find treasures that will be used to build a city on it. The more the city is built, the more shops are opened and your abilities will increase.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTAMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Video Card: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card

Maybe this is the best GTA game ever. In GTA: San Andreas you will play Carl Johnson, a black man who lives in a Los Angeles slum and tries to survive the harshness of street life.

For those of you who have never played, this game is definitely super, you must play it.

4. Beat Cop

4. Beat CopMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 2.8 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: Geforce 9600 GS / Radeon HD4000

Beat Cop is a point-and-click indie game where you become a cop who is accused of a murder. You will complete various obstacles every day, and how to solve them is up to you.

For example, if you choose to accept bribes from the mafia, you will gain the trust of the mafia but reduce the reputation of your fellow cops.

3. Outlast

3. Outlast best pc gameMinimum Specifications:

  • CPU: Dual Core CPU 2.2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX / ATI Radeon HD 38xx series

This is a horror game. In this game, you will be placed in a mental hospital that is isolated and inhabited by strange creatures.

All these creatures will try to eat you and in this game, you are not given any weapons or tools to kill them. You can only run.

2. Portal

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU: 1.7 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce3 + / ATI Radeon 8500+

Portal is a game that really requires brain skills to solve puzzles in 3D spatial space.

Even if you play it at a resolution of 800 × 600, it doesn’t matter, the excitement of the portal game is not based on graphic quality. Portal games are played for their fantastic gameplay and puzzles.

1. Terraria

Minimum Specifications:

  • CPU:  Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz processor
  • Video Card: 128MB Nvidia / AMD VRAM
  • RAM:  2.5GB
  • OS:  Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)

The advantages of this game are in all aspects, especially in the choice of various weapons, armour, and wide creative freedom in this sandbox game.

Instead of building a tense atmosphere, Terraria uses bright colours, and arcade-style action to create a fun experience beyond its survival elements.

This game is easy at first, you just kill the slow-moving zombie crowd. Gradually they turned into faster and more aggressive creatures such as flying monsters, lizard humans and others. To survive, you have to keep moving, avoid your opponent’s attacks, and make sure your attacks are accurate!

There are many weapons that you can choose from, such as short-range weapons (swords, hammers, sickles, etc.), long-range rifles (arrows, rifles, pistols), to rare items that can cast magic. Whichever you choose, it’s all fun slaying enemies.

Those are 24 light PC games that you can play on low spec computers. Any ideas, suggestions, or criticisms? Leave a comment below!

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