It is no secret that college students often lack time to care for their health properly. Having to keep up with a hefty academic load, they barely have time for sports or physical activity. As a result, many young people suffer from different health issues. On top of that, the constant pressure and a lack of activity also result in a significant decline in their mental well-being. According to the American Psychological Association, students’ mental wellness is now at its biggest crisis.

In order to solve this problem, it’s crucial that young people start taking better care of themselves. Although they have no free time, health should now become their top priority. After all, it’s better to find someone to ask, “please, college paper writer online,” and spend more time to yourself than to work for wear and tear and face serious issues. So if you are a student yourself, consider getting pro help to unload your schedule and get on the move.

Also, be sure to leverage the right technology to help you out on this path. In this article, we will tell you about the top seven IoT devices that will help you keep track of your health every day!

IoT Devices


Though not many know this, wearables like smartwatches fall into the category of Internet of Things devices. In fact, wearables are the most visible consumers of this technology. And they are the second-most commonly owned gadgets from this category, following after smart home appliances. So this is the first kind of IoT tech you need as a student.

Smartwatches are equipped with a wealth of health- features. They enable you to monitor such data as your heart rate, sleeping patterns, and even the steps you take every day. These gadgets can help students monitor their physical activity and overall health. They can also provide reminders to take breaks and stretch throughout the day. And there are even features for mindfulness and mental wellness. So it’s definitely a must-have.

Fitness Tracker

Another kind of wearable IoT device is a fitness tracker. These days, they are just as popular as smartwatches. So this is something students can try as well.

Similar to a smartwatch, a fitness tracker can be worn on the wrist. It provides detailed data on physical activity levels, including steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. Some also include heart rate monitoring and sleep-tracking features. With an accessory like this, it is easy to boost your physical activity and, thus, improve overall health.

Smart Water Bottle

We all know that staying hydrated is one of the basics of proper self-care. Improper hydration has a number of negative effects both on your body and mind. Namely, it can reduce your everyday physical performance and cognitive function. Also, it can lead to mood changes, digestive problems, exhaustion, headaches, and many other problems. So a smart water bottle is another handy IoT device.

A smart water bottle can track your hydration. It can remind you to drink more water throughout the day. Some models can also measure water intake and provide personalized hydration recommendations. With its help, you will start feeling better and more energized.

IoT Devices

Smart Scales

Although weight isn’t the most important indicator of your health, it’s still important. When you are in college, chances are that you really lack proper nutrition. After all, there is no secret that young people often tend to eat junk food because they don’t have much time for cooking. If that sounds like you, be sure to invest in smart scales.

This IoT gadget offers you a smart way to measure and track your weight. On top of that, it can also monitor your BMI, body fat percentage, and other biometric data. Smart scales can help students monitor their progress in maintaining a healthy weight and body composition.

Air Quality Monitor

Another thing that affects your wellness and health a lot is the quality of air that you breathe in. Needless to say, controlling it manually is nearly impossible. However, smart home appliances like an air quality monitor can help you with this matter.

An air quality monitor can measure the level of pollutants and other harmful substances in the air. With this IoT gadget, you can take steps to improve indoor air quality and avoid potential health risks.

UV Exposure Monitor

Although we all love the sun and sunbathing, there is one thing we have to be cautious about when out in the sun. It’s the UV. UV or ultraviolet exposes you to electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun. While it’s what can give you a nice tan, this radiation can also cause significant skin and eye damage, suppress your immune system, and increase the risk of heat-related illnesses. Moreover, it can even negatively affect your mental well-being. So a wearable UV exposure monitor is something you also need.

This device can measure the amount of UV radiation you are exposed to throughout the day. With its help, you can protect your skin from sun damage and reduce the risk of other health issues.

Smart Thermometer

Lastly, we all get ill from time to time. Catching a cold or flu during the most dangerous seasons is something you can’t be protected from. However, you can ensure that you have the right tech to monitor your condition. And that’s when a smart thermometer will come in handy.

A smart thermometer is also an IoT device. It can monitor body temperature and provide real-time health data. This can be particularly useful during cold and flu season, allowing you to detect early signs of illness and take appropriate measures.

The Bottom Line

Taking proper care of your health while being in college is a complex matter. Students are often very limited in time. Yet, they also get more exposed to various stresses and other health risks than other people.

Luckily, today, there are technologies to solve literally any problem, including this one. Now you know about some of the best IoT devices that can help you monitor and improve both physical and mental health. So don’t hesitate to try them!

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