You are certainly no stranger to this game, right? Yes, a standard game that can be found on every PC. Even if it’s not on your computer, you readily play minesweeper online. But do you really know how to play Minesweeper game? You are trying to get an answer on Google, quora, and to your friends. So here I will tell tricks to play Minesweeper

In this game, you will be given a “land” (depicted by small plots) and between the “land,” there are several landmines. Your job is to secure “land” by clicking the plots while marking (right-clicking) the plots that you consider to contain mines. However, if you mistakenly open a plot containing mines, the game ends. You lose.

How To play Minesweeper

Some people think this game is just a chance game. If by chance we click not mine, luckily. But if we click it turns out to be mine, yes fate. Gambling, without any tricks or certain keys.

But is it really like that?

Logically, if a game is only based on luck, then, of course, there are very few people who succeed in completing it. Or maybe there isn’t even someone who can finish it many times. However, after reading this article you will know that this game is also a logic game. You will easily finish it-even-many times.

This game is divided into 4 levels:

  • Beginner (9×9 plot: 10 mines)
  • Intermediate (16×16 tiles: 40 mines)
  • Expert (30×16 plot: 99 mines), and
  • Custom (we can set the number of plots and the number of mines by ourselves)

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Steps To play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game about learning keypad and using the process of elimination. Let’s try to do this step by step:

1. Your first square is totally random, as there’s no information to go on, though I suggest choosing one close to the Centre. The edges give you less information to work with.

2. Most games will auto mine if a blank square is disclosed, however, the principle is this: if you find a square with no numbers, all eight adjacent squares are safe so mine. Do this till you have got an entire outer wall of numbered squares. If you get a numbered square on your first attempt, start over.

3. Ideally, you’d have a sprawling concave shape to work with. If you have got a 9×9 sq. begin once more from the star. This is where your pattern recognition will have to kick in. Look at this example:

Minesweeper play trick4. The very first thing to recognize is that if there is an internal corner, there’s a mine. Second, a 1,2,1 pattern continually has the mines on the 1’s. Put flags down where you think the mines are.

5. currently for the logic game. They tell you the way several mines are within the eight adjacent squares it. Now that we have some flags put down, let’s examine what squares are safe to reveal:

Minesweeper playing how

That’s a lot of new info to look through. I can see another 1,2,1 pattern and a few new patterns I haven’t mentioned yet, though I’m sure you’ll see them quickly. I see 19 more places to put a flag down. Lather, learn, rinse, repeat.

I’m not going to tell you all the patterns I’ve learned because that’s part of the fun. But I suggest you start with the biggest board size you can to learn the patterns and just accept you’re gonna lose your first several games.

A word of warning: there are certain times where there simply isn’t enough information to figure out which of two squares a mine could be in(usually on the edge of the map). I suggest you follow a simple process.

  1. Save it for the very end. This will give you time to finish the rest of the map and make the next step a viable solution.
  2. Consider the number of mines left in the game. Often, there is one solution to this issue when there is one mine left, and another when there is two, or none.
  3. Guess. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do but guess. Alas, a 50/50 shot is all you’re gonna get.

So Hope you understand how to play Minesweeper. Please like please share and comment you through.

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