For my friend who first hired or bought a New VPS certainly still confused how to login to the server then it is the perfect article for you.Here I will help you learn how to access your Linux VPS server using the Putty SSH client. Below are the steps to log in to the server (VPS).

Steps To Login To The VPS With Putty

1. Download Putty from this Link:

2. Run Putty (no installation necessary)

3. Fill IP Server on the Host Name, and no need to change the port if you don’t have.

4. Click Open, a black screen (called the console) will soon appear.

5. If the warning appears (security warning) click “Yes”

6. Login as fill in the root. Root (with lower case / lowercase) is a user with the power a Linux server. Only root user who can create, delete, install and configure applications. Be careful not to leak the root password for your server 100% will be hijacked and the hijackers could remove the whole server in a short time.

7. When asked to fill in the password, please copy the text that you keep the server password (select> right click> copy) and then click once on the right screen area Putty.Once the password is copied text, bring the cursor to the area black screen and RIGHT CLICK ONCE. The password will not appear on the screen but actually paste the password already there. Then press enter.

8. After a successful login, you will find a prompt in the form root @ hostname ~ # which means the server is ready to receive commands you want to run.

Manoj Chakraborty
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