House Flipper Mod Apk – If asked somewhere where we will always want to come back. Wherever we go, then surely among us all will answer that is the House.

Maybe there are also some people who think the house is just a place to rest, just a place to sleep and do more activities.

But more people have close relations with their homes. And always make it a place to return.

Therefore, of course, we want to design our homes as best we can in accordance with our comfort. Any expensive house that would certainly not be comfortable if it is not in accordance with our wishes, right?

It used to be very difficult to design a house, at least we must be good at drawing by having knowledge of buildings.Download House Flipper Mod Apk

But now everything is different. I and all of you can make a home design drawing without having to have the expertise above.

There is an application called House Flipper Mod APK that will help you to pour your brilliant ideas into making a dream home.


Download House Flipper Simulator Mod Apk

Game NameHouse Flipper Mod APK
APK versionv.1.2.4
APK size80MB

Alternative Second Link if the above button is full or many are downloading.


This application has many advantages that make it easy for us. The House Flipper application will not leave you alone in your imagination organizing your dream space.

You will be accompanied by a Chip. Where he is your virtual assistant. Chip is a reliable architect who will accompany you during the House Flipper application.

Download House Flipper

From building walls and buildings to painting. Before you bring your family into the house. You have the chance to arrange everything until you take care of the grass and plants until everything is ready.

As already mentioned above that you can create a home design without having to have a basic knowledge. But after running House Flipper for some time. Little by little you will surely gain experience and knowledge.

You will increasingly understand how to set the table, arrange chairs and make it look suitable.

Imagine what if you relax while looking at a beautiful garden.

How To Install Game House Flipper Mod Unlimited Money

  1. The first step is to make sure that you download the game house flipper apk from this page. We have provided the download button above.
  2. The next step is to activate the installation feature from an unknown source. But this can be skipped if you’ve done it before. The trick is to enter the settings menu> then security> then look for the unknown source button.
  3. Next is to open or install the apk House Flipper.
  4. Wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Game-ready to play.

House Flipper Simulator Mod APK Features

3D Drawing Design

To produce a good visualization this game maker has chosen the right step with its 3D. So you can see from various sides the results of your design.

The width, height, and length of each property of your house will look more real.


After arranging all the room layouts in your home. Of course, arranging wall paint is another important part. You need to set the right decoration and colouring so that the colours don’t look weird.

Earn money

He cried again, this game offers a very interesting feature. Where you can sell or auction off a house of your own design. Other people will bid on the price of your house and you are free to accept the offer or not.

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