Starting a YouTube channel might be a good idea, particularly if you have a vision for a channel and can produce quality content consistently. 

However, what may seem simple on the surface may prove quite different in reality, particularly when you upload a few videos and do not receive that many views and subscribers.

If you are still relatively new when it comes to YouTube and what the platform has to offer, do not rush. Instead, take time to learn, and you should reach the goal eventually. The following tips should help you.

Tip #1 – Use Reliable Video Editing Tools

There are quite a few choices when it comes to editing tools. Trying a few options will give you a better understanding of what the video editing process is like. At the same time, if you lack experience, you will need to learn from video tutorials, and not every editing tool has enough material on the internet. 

Keep that in mind as well because the more you learn, the better your videos will be. Even knowing something as simple as what an mp4 to mov converter means can come in handy.

Tip #2 – Use Attractive Thumbnail Images

Marketing Tips for youtube

Video thumbnails are the first thing that potential viewers notice. If someone receives a video in their recommendations tab, they are more likely to check it if the thumbnail is appealing.

Check some of the biggest YouTube channels for ideas if you do not know how to create an attractive thumbnail. And try to find a personal style that helps people recognize your channel. Similar to hiring a professional editor, you can also cooperate with a freelancer who can design thumbnails for your videos. 

Tip #3 – Consider Clickbait Titles

Clickbait titles are a tricky thing because some people do not appreciate when content creators mislead them. On the other hand, you may be targeting a more easy-going audience that will not react negatively.

Writing a good title is difficult. Learning copywriting will take time, but if you are committed to becoming a YouTuber, you can learn by trying different variations with your videos each time you upload one. 

Tip #4 – Research the Competition

Research the Competition

Competition research is something you need to do regularly. Check what other niche-related channels are doing and try to implement some of their best ideas in your channel while avoiding the negative things.

Tip #5 – Focus on Quality

A lot depends on the nature of your channel, but you would probably be better off by focusing on quality rather than quantity. At the same time, sticking to a schedule that your viewers are accustomed to is also necessary. 

The expectations that you build over time may disappear if you fail to upload videos regularly. Thus, do not start by uploading videos every day if you are going to run out of ideas in a few weeks. Instead, pick a day in a week and work hard to produce at least one high-quality video and upload it at a designated time.

Tip #6 – Write Rich Video Descriptions

Video descriptions should include the most relevant information. They are part of SEO optimization. Having a title is not always enough for potential viewers to find you in the YouTube search. 

You can also use video descriptions to link your social media channels or give a shoutout to people who helped you with the making of a video.

Tip #7 – Take Advantage of Pinned Comments

Pinned comments is another way to provide relevant information to your audience. You can write and pin a comment of when you are planning to upload the next video. Or, you can boost engagement by asking viewers a question. 

Tip #8 – Cooperate With Other Channels

 Cooperate With Other Channels

Cooperation with other channels is an excellent way to promote yourself. Content creators collaborate by appearing together in the same video or giving each other shoutouts at the end of a video.

Building a strong network is a good piece of advice in general, but it becomes even more apparent when they are working on a platform like YouTube.

Tip #9 – Look for Opportunities to Advertise Yourself

Relying entirely on YouTube’s algorithm will not get you far. You should still look for ways to market your channel. Social media, Reddit, Quora, online forums, communication platforms like Discord, and any other place you can think of may bring in more views and subscribers.

Tip #10 – Continue Learning and Experimenting

YouTube is the most popular video platform in the world, and the developers continue to implement new features. In addition, trends come and go, and videos that might have been popular a few years ago may no longer receive the same number of views.

Thus, it is important to keep up with YouTube trends and experiment until you find a voice that distinguishes you from other YouTubers.

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