If you are facing issues regarding your services and you are so done with the internet connectivity issues or cable TV signal issues and you are planning to switch your service, we are going to help you out with that. You get frustrated when you plan for a movie night and you watch the buffering wheel all night or you are gaming and you face lag or high latency.What makes an internet connection slow (1)

You won’t be able to do work if you face internet speed issues on regular basis. The same goes for cable TV. If your cable is going in and out on regular basis and you are unable to watch your favourite channel, it is not worthy of keeping the service and paying every month for the entertainment which you are unable to enjoy.

Check all the options available when you are switching your services. You need to follow some steps to get a new service to make sure that this time, all goes well.

Check all the options

While getting new service, the first thing that you need to check is the availability of providers at your location like what are the options available at your location other than your provider. Ask your neighbour that they are getting services through which provider and are they satisfied with the services.

Ask them how often do they face issues regarding their internet connectivity issues and cable TV signal issues. Check reviews on the internet as that will help you as well. Try to get a service with a cable or fiber-optic connection as these connections are the most reliable connections.

Fibre optic is not widely available which makes cable connection the most reliable and widely available connection in the U.S state. Compare the prices and see which is the most affordable and reliable option.

Compare packages and prices

The second step while switching your services in comparison. Check all the packages, features offered by the company, and the prices and then compare them with your current provider. You should know what you are looking for while switching the services. If you are planning to get new internet service, check the speeds offered by the company and get a package as per your need.

There are many internet service providers that provide speeds ranges from up to 100Mpbs to 940Mpbs with an unlimited data cap. With this speed, you can connect multiple devices at the same time. Usually what happens is that we don’t know about our usage and then the salesperson gives us a package which is not as per our usage and then we face issues regarding the internet speed which is frustrating.

The same goes for cable TV. We get a package with random channels and then fight the customer support over the channels. Always list down your favourite channels that you want before getting a cable service. Some people want basic channels and then some want premium along with the basic channels. You should know how many TVs you want services as you need one cable box for one TV and each cable box will cost you some bucks.

Check bundles and features

While getting new service, always check the bundles as with a bundle you get better features and get a discount on all the services you want. There are many companies like Charter Spectrumthat offer cable, internet, and home phone services through coaxial cable. With Spectrum, you get a discount on all the services you bundle.

Let’s say if you are bundling your internet service with cable and home phone, you will not be getting a discount on just the internet, you will be getting a discount on the cable and the home phone as well. Spectrum offers a lot of other features as well along with the service like you get a free internet modem and spectrum offers unlimited data cap. With cable, Spectrum offers basic and premium channels with the DVR service and on-demand choices.

You also get streaming services which requires no box so it means even if you are outside of your house, you can still watch your favourite show. This way you will never miss your shows.

Summing it up

Try to get a service with no contract, so if you are moving out or you are planning to switch service, you don’t pay any early termination fee. See if the provider offers you a trial period or not. there are many companies that offer 30 days of the money-back guarantee. Within 30 days, you can make a decision that either you want to keep the service or not.

Check the customer support of the company because you will be dealing with that department if you face any kind of issue regarding your service. They are going to be the one who is going to help you out. So check all these things and then switch your services.

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