If you’re looking for email marketing tips, that means you’ve been working on email marketing campaigns and you’re on the right track! 

Email marketing has proved to be one of the successful marketing strategies to communicate with your target audience personally and drive sales.

Email Marketing Tips

With the right tips and tricks, you can ace your email marketing game and see better results. But using the right tool for it is also important. One of the best email marketing tools is hands-down Mail Chimp. All the features and the interface make it worth a shot! 

And on top of that, if you don’t want to invest in tools right now, Mail Chimp allows 10,000 emails free per month. 

Thus, learning email marketing should definitely be on your to-do list. 

Now without further ado, let’s look at some effective email marketing tips for your campaigns. 

8 Email Marketing Tips For You to Note Down

1. Use Tools to Check Subject Lines 

Today, a person receives various promotional emails in a day. This means that your email will tend to get lost between the masses. So how can you grab the attention of the reader? The subject line! That’s the first thing they see from the notification bar on their phones. 

Thus, you only have a few words to catch their attention. Thus write catchy and click-worthy subject lines. There’s one such tool that helps you assess your subject lines and further optimize them. Head over to the Email Subject Line Tester tool to start framing your subject lines easily. 

2. Prioritise Healthy Conversations

Although the main motive of email marketing campaigns is to expand your reach, it’s equally significant to know that promotions shouldn’t be your only focus. Making efforts to cultivate healthy messages with your consumers should also be a part of your email marketing strategy. 

Thus, sending emails during festivals, or some tips and tricks, links to educational articles for your clients, etc is a good idea. 

3. Create Specified Email Lists

Segment your target audiences into different groups as per demographic factors or likes/dislikes or preferences, etc. 

When you send personalized and customized emails, the chances of an improved open rate are higher because now you are appealing to niche audiences. One general message will not garner anyone’s attention. Thus, the key is segmentation and personalization. 

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4. Don’t Skip Out on A/B Testing

Confused between 2 different email copies? Should you choose one based on your instincts? No. Instead, let your audience tell you which one is better. 

What you can do is divide your target audience into 2 parts. Send the first copy to Part A and the second copy to part B. Now run the campaign. After the emails are sent out, monitor your open rate and reply rate. Voila, you now know which copy has worked better for you. That’s A/B testing. 

5. Use Power Words

Copies have a lot to do with one’s psychological behavior. The user tends to resonate with the mail and the brand with the words they read. Using powerful words helps you express the emotion of the brand or the message more effectively and powerfully. 

There are various lists of power words available on the Internet for free. Make the best use of them. 

6. Allow Easy Unsubscribing 

Yes, nobody wants their users to unsubscribe to their emailing lists. But let’s be real, it can get a little annoying at times, especially if the user doesn’t want to engage with the content you send. 

In such cases, give them an option to unsubscribe from your emails and keep it very simple. Don’t hide it or make it complicated because that will annoy your reader even more and create a bad impression in their minds for the brand. 

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7. Think User First

This is the #1 golden rule when it comes to any kind of marketing or sales. Always think of the user first. 

Ask yourself – why should the reader open my mail? Am I giving any useful information or benefits of my products? 

This will help you understand what your emails should look like. Don’t just sell blindly. Highlight different USPs in different mails. Provide some useful information even if that doesn’t get you sales. Such strategies go a long way in the consumer funnel. 

8. Add CTA’s (Call-to-action)

If you’re not aware of the AIDA model, you need to Google it right away! Once you have caught the attention of the readers in the first line, then induced some interest and created a desire in the reader, it’s time for some action! 

CTA are lines that urge the reader to take some action like clicking on the link, watching a video or making a sale. 

For eg, Buy Now, Hurry Now, Watch Here, Grab The Discount, Apply Now etc. 

If you learn the art of copywriting, it can come really handy in writing some powerful email copies which have a strong message in the least words possible. 

On a parting note

These were some of the best email marketing tips and strategies that you can make use of in your campaigns but you need to know that this is not all.

Keep in mind you can always use software like Benchmark to drive engagement and build relationships with your customers.

There are many other strategies that exist which work for some kinds of business and backfire for others. So make sure you assess all different strategies, work them out and pick the ones that suit them best for your business.

You can also improvise on certain tips to suit your needs and requirements. In fact, another amazing way to communicate formally with your customers and keep in touch with them through their most-visited platform, you can use Whatsapp Business Marketing

Hope this blog has been of some help to you. Let us know in the comments section below about which strategies you liked the most. 

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