Download Minecraft PE 2021 for free with a working Xbox Live: copper, lightning rod, glowing squids, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2021 (last version)?

In 2020, the developers at Mojang Studios have focused their main efforts on the Minecraft PE 1.16.210 Nether Update. Hell has been completely changed in this update.

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In 2021, they started working on the caves in the game. Minecraft PE 2021 has new mobs, plants, and even blocks in the underworld.


For a long time, players could only obtain copper in the game by using mods for MCPE. But with the release of Minecraft 2021, mods are no longer needed. After all, copper is now in the game itself. First, the player needs to go down into the mines and find some copper ore. This is easy because copper ore is generated at about the same height at which iron ore is generated.

Minecraft 2021

After that, the copper ore must be smelted to obtain a copper ingot. From a copper ingot in MCPE 2021, the player can craft copper blocks. But before using these blocks, it is recommended to combine them with honeycomb to avoid oxidation. When oxidized, the colour of the texture of the copper blocks turns to turquoise.

Dripstone caves

In Minecraft PE 2021, cave generation has changed. First of all, dripstone caves have appeared. They differ from the rest in that you can find stalactites and stalagmites in them. Stalactites are generated on the ceilings of caves and fall down over time. They are dangerous for the player as they can fall on them.

Minecraft 2021 [Last Version]

Stalagmites are no less dangerous in MCPE 2021. The player may not notice these new formations, but they could fall on them and receive a large amount of damage, which can often even be fatal.

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A new mob in Minecraft PE 2021 that spawns in lush caves. These caves are filled with life and are great for survival. Therefore, you no longer need maps for MCPE, which are created for survival in dungeons.

Minecraft PE 2021 for free with a working Xbox Live

It is in the lakes of the lush cave that the player can see the axolotls. To tame them, you need to collect these creatures using a bucket. Then you need to release them in any body of water, after which they will help the player in the body of water. For example, they will attack the guard when the player is fighting him.

Glowing squids

Another new mob in Minecraft PE 2021 that glows underground. The glowing squid also emits interesting particles. Upon death, this mob drops a glowing ink sac. This can be used to make the text on the plates lighter.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you combine a regular frame with a glowing ink bag, you will receive a glowing frame. Items in such a frame will glow at night.

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NameMinecraft Bedrock
AuthorMojang Studios
Xbox Live+


FAQ – Asked Questions

1.How many oxidation stages do copper blocks have?

There are 4 oxidation stages in total.

2. How to get a lightning rod?

To do this, you need to use 3 copper ingots.

3. How long does it take for copper to oxidize?

The transition to the next stage occurs within 50 – 82 game days.

4. In what radius does the lightning rod operate?

It attracts lightning strikes in the area of   16x4x16 blocks.
In the end, we can say that in 2021 the developers did a very good job on Minecraft PE. They completely changed the underworld, which has become boring for many players. Now it’s a whole new dimension with its own mobs, blocks and biomes.
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