Download Le Bot 12 Updated 100% Working 2022

In this article, we will share How to download Le Bot 12 latest version 2022. The last version of Le Bot 10 has experienced an error problem when logging in to the game. So here We share the latest error-free download Le Bot version 12 and it works 100%.

The feature of Le Bot version 12 is still exactly the same as the older version Le Bot 10, but Le Bot 12 is error-free and you use it for farming without facing any errors when logging in to the game.

Download Le Bot

The Le Bot 12 is very smooth and error-free so you can play easily AQWorlds Games without experiencing an error during logging in.

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I found this version of the AQW bot from a youtube channel, It’s working smoothly  AQWorlds games. So let’s check the lasted version of the Let bot features and download le bot 12 from below the article.

Le Bot 12 Fixed Errors New Update 2022

AQW le bot shop

The most advanced feature of Le Bot version 12 is that it can load the shop. In the older version of Le Bot, the Shop loader is not working, but in the latest version of Le Bot, the Shop section is working perfectly.

In the older version of Le Bot AQW, you can’t log into the game or the Le bot or you have an error and cannot be opened. So You can use Le Bot 12 New Update instead of Le bot 10 which has the exact same features as Le Bot version 10.

Another great feature of Le Bot 12 is that it can be run on macOS/Linux OS, so it can be run directly on macOS without the need for certain applications to open Windows programs on macOS.

Features Le Bot 12 100% Working:

Following are some of the latest features and features of The Le Bot 12:

  • Shop Loader Woking & Enable Button.
  • Can be run on macOS.
  • Repair Let Bot Option.
  • Bug Auto Fixes.
  • Rest Option.

Download Le Bot 12

Le Bot Windows Version

Le Bot MacOS/Linux Version

Shortcut Key Of Le Bot 12

  • F1 = Shop
  • F2 = Options menu
  • F3 =  Bot Manager
  • F4 = Selection/lists
  • F5 = Packet Spammer
  • F6 = Automatic Renter login page
  • F7 = Booster

Options Menus:

  • Reject All Drops
  • Private rooms
  • Lag Killer;
  • Skip Cutscene
  • Generic Att bot
  • Rest if HP is less than
  • Walk speed
  • Load quest
  • Get all drops
  • Start [ name of farming bot ]

Extra Features in Le Bot 12 Updated Version:

Here are some extra features that you can use without the DMBOT file extension:

Le Bot AQW :

  • Random
  • Attack
  • Join Room
  • Move to Cell
  • Get
  • Sell
  • Move To
  • Add to the Skill list
  • Add to the Quest list
  • Delay
  • Load
  • Save
  • Remove
  • Clear
  • Enable
  • Contact Me

Bot Legion Tokens:

  • Coliseum Combatants
  • Beginning the Final
  • Legion Exercise 1
  • Legion Exercise 2
  • Legion Exercise 3
  • Legion Exercise 4
  • Insanely Insane
  • Soul Collector and non-Soul Collector

Bot Farming Item (Quest) :

  • Alchemy Reagents
  • Ancient Vitae
  • Combat Trophies
  • Dark Crystal Shards
  • Dark Spirit Orbs
  • Dragon Talons
  • Elder’s Blood potion
  • Emblem of Longevity
  • Emblem of Good Luck
  • Fuchsia/Magenta Dye
  • Find the Blade!
  • Find the Handle!
  • Find the Hilt!
  • Find the Runes!
  • Find the Stonewrit!
  • Finding Fragments with Blade
  • Finding Fragments with Bow
  • Finding Fragments with Broadsword
  • Finding Fragments with Daggers
  • Finding Fragments with Mace
  • Finding Fragments with Scythe
  • Golden Dragon Spear
  • Golden Tickets
  • Mana Golem bots
  • Pay homage to Caladbolg
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Blade
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Bow
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Broadsword
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Daggers
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Mace
  • Pinpoint the Pieces with Scythe
  • Rainbow Shards
  • Rays of Hope
  • Sparrow’s Blood potion
  • Spirit Orbs
  • Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance
  • Tainted Gems
  • Tainted Souls
  • Totems of Nulgath
  • Viper’s Blood Potion
  • Shinobi Tokens

Bot Gold dan XP Fast AQW :

  • Forestchaos Gold
  • Generic Attack Bot
  • Quick Gold
  • SpaceTime XP
  • Time portal CP
  • Undead Pirates XP

How to Fix Le Bot Error

If you find problems when opening Le Bot 12, please comment so We can be fixed immediately. If you experience problems when logging in Like being stuck on Login Page, Bot AQW Page blank, Loading Problem, Error Adobe flash, Please contact us.

You can also try alternate other AQWorlds bots such as Grimoire, Cetera, Revenant, RBot, and Carbon. These bots have different advanced features so it doesn’t hurt if you try one by one to find an AQW bot that fits your farming style.


The latest Le Bot AQW 12 same features as Le Bot 10. Le Bot 12 has an extra feature for Load Shop which is not available in Le Bot 10. So, NOw you can now use Shop using Le Bot 12 Latest Version.

If you like this article, please share it so that Other interesting games can enjoy the AQWorlds farming items.

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