Portfolio sites are sites that contain a person’s expertise or achievements in a job. The portfolio site itself is very synonymous with individuals because there are currently many netizens who have it. Do you want to create a portfolio site? or

Do you already have a portfolio site?

If not, it’s a good idea to make it immediately.

Create a Portfolio SiteHow Important is a Portfolio Site?

In the current technological era, the existence of portfolio sites is quite important because when we look for new jobs or try to get potential clients, the portfolio will be one of the keys.

How can?

The more expertise or work you have completed, then other people will increasingly believe if you do have the ability or qualified in a particular field so that other people will want to give up their work to you.

Do you have to create a site?

Do not have to. But you should make a site more practical, and other people can easily see it because you only need to include a link.

Start To Create a Portfolio Site

1. Open the Clippings.me site.

2. Click sign up, and please register.

3. When you register, you will be asked to choose a theme first.

select theme4. Then, please fill in your biodata.

build a Portfolio Site5. The site was successfully created, and more or less like this is the result.

Create Portfolio Site 26. Don’t forget to complete your site information by clicking edit profile.

7. As for entering the portfolio, please click add an item .

8. Finish.

Some examples of portfolios available at Clippings.me:

If you want to create a portfolio site, please make it at Clippings.me.

Are There Other Sites?

Portfolio creation sites other than Clippings.me still exist, namely:

  • About.me
  • Muckrack.com

It’s not just About.me and Muckrack.com, because you can also make it on WordPress or Blogger. In essence, there are many choices for creating a portfolio site, both free and paid. You can also create a portfolio site from scratch But you have a good HTML knowledge

That’s an easy way to create a portfolio site that can be delivered. By creating a portfolio site, those of you who are currently working as freelancers have the opportunity to get jobs or potential clients.

Conversely, if you are already working, then the portfolio that you have made through the sites mentioned above will help you in finding a new job.

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