Are you someone who likes challenges and something out of the box? If so, you need to play a game called Brain Out.

Brain Out is a puzzle game that requires you to think from a different perspective at each level.

If at the initial level you feel the problem is too easy, don’t be happy just yet. You can pass all levels easily to practice your thinking skills.

For those of you who are stuck at a certain level, you don’t need to worry. This time we will provide the complete Brain Out Answers key from level 1 to 221.

Table of Contents

Brain Out Answer Key Level 1-20

Brain Out Answer Key Level 1-20

Level 1

Question: Find the largest.

Answer: Watermelon

Level 2

Question: How many ducks are there?

Answer: 9

Level 3

Question: Who is the tallest?

Answer: The sun

Level 4

Question: Can you find a different shape?

Answer: Try to move each watermelon to find an edible watermelon.

Level 5

Question: Create a rectangle.

The answer: Click on the box and move the box towards the left of the screen

Level 6

Question: How many triangles are there in this picture?

Answer: 11

Level 7

Question: Find the biggest fire.

Answer: Combine all the flames into one.

Level 8

Question: How many numbers are there in the car park?

The answer: Move the car to see the number, the number is 9.

Level 9

Question: How much will you give for this game?

Answer: Full value aka 100.

Level 10

Question: Try to wake the owl.

Answer: Pull the sun out of the screen until it is invisible.

Level 11

Question: Find something you can’t eat.

The answer: Remove the chickens from the nest because you cannot eat the chicken nest.

Level 12

Question: You have to win the game.

The answer: Make two O shapes in the middle path with your two fingers.

Level 13

Question: Find the darkest color on the screen.

Answer: Click on the question text because the darkest color on the screen is black.

Level 14

Question: Count how many hairs?

The answer: Eliminate wigs, then count the remainder, there will be 3.

Level 15

Question: Help the baby duck to drink water.

The answer: Move the baby duck until it is located next to a puddle of water.

Level 16

Question: Can you solve these easy questions?

The answer: Just drag the line under the number 1 to the “?” to make the number 2.

Level 17

Question: Find something you can eat

The answer: Move the claw-shaped object on the sofa, then the sofa will turn into meat.

Level 18

Question: Make a little elephant so it is not lonely and alone.

The answer: Hold your finger on the elephant shape, then click on the copy. Elephants will no longer be alone.

Level 19

Question: Store the giraffe in the refrigerator.

The answer: Reduce the size of the refrigerator and put the giraffe in it.

Level 20

Question: Help the giraffe eat apples.

The answer: Hold the head, then slide the giraffe so that it stands directly on the apple.

Brain Out Answers Level 21-40

Brain Out Answers Level 21-40Level 21

Question: No smoking

The answer: Tap several times on the red area on the cigarette to turn it off.

Level 22

Question: Save 3 coins in the piggy bank, how many coins are in the piggy bank?

The answer: Put the remaining coins into the piggy bank, tap the piggy bank to break it and count the number, a total of 15 there are coins.

Level 23

Question: So hungry, let’s make something to eat!

The answer: Erase all the objects in the painting, delete the smiling face in the sun, then put the sun on the cloud to make a boiled egg.

Level 24

Question: How many pieces are needed to cut a circle?

Answer: 1.

Level 25

Question: Count how many ants there are.

The answer: Zoom out the rock to see ants. There are 17 ants.

Level 26

Question: Find out the rules and write down the answer!

Answer: 9

Level 27

Question: Find the exit.

Answer: To find the exit, you don’t need to get lost in the maze. Just go around the maze and find the door.

Level 28

Question: Try to indicate how many people are in the picture.

Answer: Tap on any person-shaped object, including the icon on traffic signs.

Level 29

Question: Find 8 animals

The answer: Tap on the cloud to make it rain, then earthworms will come out of the rock. After that, click on every animal that you can see.

Level 30

Question: Move 2 matchsticks to make the chair upright

The answer: Drag the matchstick with the lowest horizontal shape to the top, then drag the left to the right.

Level 31

Question: Who will you save? Your mother or boyfriend?

The answer: Use two fingers to save both of them at the same time.

Level 32

Question: Drive the car carefully by looking at road signs

The answer: Pull up the clouds, then the sun will appear, the rays of the sun will melt the closed ice and your path will be clear.

Level 33

Question: How do you eat carrots?

The answer: Pull the carrots near the rabbit.

Level 34

Question: Help these two to cross the river

The answer: Slide the boat with two fingers to spread it, then cross the river.

Level 35

Question: How many 3s are there 12?

The answer: Tap once on number 6, double-tap on number 3.

Level 36

Question: Put everything in the box.

Answer: Swipe everything to fit into the box, including the question text as well.

Level 37

Question: Whack-a-mole (game of hitting the mouse)

The answer: Move the mouse so that it is outside the hole that is closest to the hammer.

Level 38

Question: How do you save a giraffe?

The answer: Tilt your phone upside down and the key will come out of the bucket. Use this to get the giraffe out of the cage.

Level 39

Question: Can you solve this equation?

Answer: 39

Level 40

Question: Find the object

The answer: Click on the level and use the picture to find hidden objects.

Brain Out Level 41-60 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 41-60 Answer Key

Level 41

Question: Geez, Zozo overslept, hurry and wake him up!

The answer: Pull down the door handle to open the door.

Level 42

Question: 5 =?

Answer: 1.

Level 43

Question: Which cup will be filled first?

The answer: Pull glass number 1 out of the graph, then tap number 4.

Level 44

Question: Move 1 matchstick to make the biggest number.

Answer: 965.

Level 45

Question: Please write the correct answer.

Answer: 9.

Level 46

Question: Help Tom get his attention.

The answer: Pull the woman’s wallet close to his hand.

Level 47

Question: Find aliens.

The answer: Slide the UFO next to the rock, to the right of the screen to be precise.

Level 48

Question: Please correct this direction!

The answer: Turn your phone 90 degrees to the right.

Level 49

Question: How many French fries are there?

The answer: Pull and remove each packet of french fries. In total there are 10 packs.

Level 50

Question: Find the panda.

The answer: Tap the level and use the image to find the pandas.

Level 51

Question: Damn, I can’t stand all this mess!

The answer: Slide your finger on the paint stuck to the well.

Level 52

Question: Click the orange rectangle 3 times!

The answer: Click the orange one three times, then the green one three times then wait for 2 seconds and wait until it turns green again, if it turns green, double click again.

Level 53

Question: How to make your dream come true?

The answer: Rub the magic lamp, then click the red book that is behind the genie.

Level 54

Question: Which shape has the most sides?

Answer: Circle.

Level 55

Question: Who will you save?

Answer: Shake your cell phone to wake it from a dream.

Level 56

Question: Quickly find the photo.

The answer: Hold the square then tilt the phone 90 degrees to the right.

Level 57

Question: Please try to wake little Piggy please

The answer: Hold Piggy’s nose until he wakes up.

Level 58

Question: Help them set a blind date

The answer: Tap 3-4 times on the dog.

Level 59

Question: Try to find where the number 8 is

Answer: The number 8 is in the 9th column from the right, the seventh row from the top. Tap this to bring it up.

Level 60

Question: Find the green colour.

Answer: Mix blue and yellow to make green.

Brain Out Answers Level 61-80

Brain Out Answers Level 61-80

Level 61

Question: Find the hexagon

The answer: Place the trapezoid on top of the rectangle and they will form a hexagon.

Level 62

Question: What happened after AEBFC?

Answer: G.

Level 63

Question: Point the arrow to the circle.

Answer: You only need to shoot the arrows, and don’t let them pile up!

Level 64

Question: How many numbers will the hour hand show after 3 o’clock?

Answer: 9, because this is not the actual clock.

Level 65

Question: How many chicks are there?

The answer: Pull all the chickens including the “clean” button which will bring up all 5 chicks. In total there are 11 chicks.

Level 66

Question: Please cheer this dog up.

The answer: Hold and rub the dog gently with your finger.

Level 67

Question: Try to find the hidden stars!

The answer: Shake your phone and stars will appear.

Level 68

Question: Make the equation correct.

The answer: Slide the matchstick at number 1 to the left, pull the matchstick at number 8 to the left so that it becomes 1 – 0 = 1.

Level 69

Question: Try to find where the hen is?

The answer: Slide the chicks off the screen to the left to view the hen.

Level 70

Question: Add the following 3 biggest numbers!

Answer: 24

Level 71

Question: Try to eat carrots!

Answer: Drag the question text to bridge the rabbit walking towards the carrots.

Level 72

Question: Please enter your 5 digit number password to be able to enter the next stage!

Answer: 70773.

Level 73

Question: Turn on the 4th bulb

Answer: Press start, then press stop when the light reaches the 4th bulb.

Level 74

Question: Please write down the 2 digit number based on the picture.

Answer: 58.

Level 75

Question: Try making a rectangle!

The answer: Drag the box halfway around the screen until it forms a rectangle.

Level 76

Question: Create the following equation!

The answer: Click on the 3 to make another 3, then turn the other 3 to make the 8.

Level 77

Question: Free the butterflies that are hiding.

The answer: Swipe the question text to release the butterfly, then click the butterfly until it is free.

Level 78

Question: Please help Zoe to drink juice pulp.

The answer: Pull the bottom of the juice and keep it in Zoe’s mouth.

Level 79

Question: Put this shape in the right frame.

Answer: Save the yellow box at the top of the frame.

Level 80

Question: Find the differences!

The answer: Pull out the wooden table and you will see two hidden pots.

Brain Out Level 81-100 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 81-100 Answer Key

Level 81

Question: How many holes do these pants have?

Answer: 9.

Level 82

Question: Count the maximum number of watermelons that can be cut!

Answer: 1024

Level 83

Question: Try to catch those nuisance mice, please!

The answer: First, slide the wood near the fire to burn it, then point the other wood into a pipe hole and cover the hole with your fingers. The mice will come out soon.

Level 84

Question: How to pass this level?

The answer: Move the mouse and hover the pointer over the next button.

Level 85

Question: Try to find the smallest number!

The answer: Drag the leftmost line up and type in 999. The number will change to -999.

Level 86

Question: How can you reach your target?

The answer: Shrink the ring shape to make it easier for yourself to hit the target.

Level 87

Question: Well, mom just came home. Get rid of this game console quickly!

The answer: Tap and hold the console for 5 seconds.

Level 88

Question: Turn this pyramid into 3 movements.

Answer: To invert it, change the position as given in this image.

Level 89

Question: Try clicking in the appropriate order.

Answer: Follow the instructions given and click “33” as given in the question.

Level 90

Question: Help this little girl to eat her favorite cake.

The answer: Gently press the right button to move the girl down the row to the center, then remove the board below so she will fall right on top of the cake, then eat the cake.

Level 91

Question: When Zoe was 6 years old, his brother was 2x Zoe’s age. If Zoe is now 10 years old, how old will your brother be?

Answer: 16 years.

Level 92

Question: You have to win this game again!

The answer: Drag the zeros to the third row and click the remaining blank.

Level 93

Question: How to eat noodles?

Answer: First, put the noodles in a bowl and fill the water. Now hold the tap on the bowl for 4-5 seconds. The noodles are ready to eat.

Level 94

Question: Try to help the baby to fall asleep.

Answer: Just pick up and shake your phone.

Level 95

Question: If CDE = EDF, then EFH =?

Answer: HFI

Level 96

Question: Try to find the Panda immediately!

Answer: Panda is in the lower right corner. Take off the scarf and look for something that has ears like Panda.

Level 97

Question: Please help the bats fall asleep!

The answer: Just turn your phone upside down.

Level 98

Question: Enter the largest number!

Answer: Use both zeros to create an infinite number.

Level 99

Question: Make the biggest number by moving 2 matchsticks.

Answer: 31181

Level 100

Question: Time for bed

Answer: Turn off the lights by turning your phone 180 degrees.

Brain Out Answers Level 101-120

Brain Out Answers Level 101-120

Level 101

Question: Get rid of nuisance flies!

Answer:  Put one finger on the screen and the flies will come. Use one other finger to tap and smash it.

Level 102

Question: Which is the cheapest?

Answer: The cheapest is the 4 $ video game console.

Level 103

Question: What if your boyfriend and mother fall into the river at the same time?

Answer: Wake the man by shaking your phone.

Level 104

Question: Add 1 line to make the equation produce the correct answer

Answer: 5 + 545 = 550

Level 105

Question: Tap the fruit from left to right then tap the square until it forms a hexagon filled with diamonds

The answer: Tap the fruit part, then double tap the hexagon and square (the squares contain diamonds).

Level 106

Question: How do you get Jack to drink orange juice?

Answer: Shake your phone (not the juice) for 30 seconds before giving it to Jack.

Level 107

Question: Which dream do you most want to fulfill?

Answer: Tap on three options at the same time.

Level 108

Question: Click the menu section.

Answer: The menu is in the lower right corner.

Level 109

Question: Try opening the box.

The answer: Tap the bottom of the box and hold, use another finger to open the box.

Level 110

Question: Guess the answer?

Answer: 43215

Level 111

Question: How many differences can you find between the two pictures?

Answer: 8.

Level 112

Question: Tab the blue button ten times then press the red button once.

Answer: Don’t look at the numbers or calculate yourself.

Level 113

Question: Try to maintain a balance!

Answer: To keep the balance perfectly, erase everything in it.

Level 114

Question: Count the number of hairs of the boy.

Answer : The boy is not wearing a wig. Her total hair count is 38.

Level 115

Question: Guess what the answer is?

Answer: 14.

Level 116

Question: Today is Tyke’s second birthday, please light a candle for him.

The answer: There is only one matchstick when you light the candle in the middle, tilt your device so that the other candle is also lit.

Level 117

Question: Find a hen!

The answer: Zoom out from the screen and you will see the mother hen immediately.

Level 118

Question: Immediately cross this bridge!

The answer: Tap the car to get out, then cross the bridge on foot.

Level 119

Question: What is your temperature right now?

The answer: Put your finger on the thermometer to measure the temperature. It will show 96.8 F.

Level 120

Question: Combine red and blue together.

The answer: Put your finger on the front of the beaker and shake it.

Brain Out Level 121-140 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 121-140 Answer Key

Level 121

Question: Please put the giraffe in the refrigerator!

The answer: Enlarge the refrigerator, then slide the giraffe into it.

Level 122

Question: Try to please turn off the light.

The answer: Turn off the bulb, then swipe from left to right to let the bulb come off.

Level 123

Question: In all whole numbers from 1 to 199 how many times is “1” used?

Answer: 140.

Level 124

Question: Little rabbit is hungry again. How can they eat?

The answer: There are four hearts in the upper left corner of the screen. Take one, give it to the rabbit, this way the rabbit will grow. The rabbit will get bigger and can easily jump over to the other side.

Level 125

Question: There are 26 letters in the alphabet. If there is only ET, how many letters are left?

Answer: 21.

Level 126

Question: Turn on all light bulbs.

Answer: Get rid of one bulb which is not turning on by removing it from the screen.

Level 127

Question: One candle is 50cm high and can burn for 3 hours. Others are 70cm tall and can burn for 6 hours. How long will it take for these two candles to reach the same height?

Answer: 6.

Level 128

Question: Can you complete this challenge?

Answer: 410.

Level 129

Question: Please help the baby to cut his hair.

The answer: Tilt the phone slowly, with this the baby will fall asleep. After he has managed to sleep, it’s time to use the trimmer to cut his hair.

Level 130

Question: You are very smart! Let’s cheer for this!

The answer: Shake the bottle and tap the box continuously.

Level 131

Question: Let’s solve the problem.

Answer: 20

Level 132

Question: Turn on the smallest switch to get water!

The answer: Turn the switch at the very bottom.

Level 133

Question: Find out where the wolf in sheep’s clothing is.

Answer: Normal sheep will not be attracted to meat, so if one of the sheep behaves strangely when you bring the meat to them, it must be a wolf.

Level 134

Question: The nap time is over! Wake up the baby so he can drink milk!

Answer: Turn the clock to let the time pass. The baby will wake up. When he wakes up, immediately give him milk.

Level 135

Question: Make a paper windmill so it can spin fast.

Answer: Shake your phone and then tap on windmill. Do this many times until the wheel turns fast by itself.

Level 136

Question:   Try to find a heart shape.

Answer: If you can’t find it, make it.

Level 137

Question: Hey! What time is it now?

Answer: Enter the current time you see on your phone.

Level 138

Question: Please lift the rock to see what’s under it!

The answer: Use your three fingers to lift the rock.

Level 139

Question: How many triangles are there?

Answer: 7.

Level 140

Question: Please help me to catch kittens.

Answer: The hook must be lifted, then shake your phone. Next, use the worm to catch fish.

Brain Out Level 141-160 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 141-160 Answer Key

Level 141

Question: ZOZO wants to skate with a new friend, help him find other skaters .

Answer: You need to combine items and create your own skates.

Level 142

Question: Today is ZOZO’s 16th Birthday, help him find his gift!

Answer: The day on the calendar is yesterday. Here’s how to calculate the code. Zozo is 16 years old. So subtract 16 years from the years you played the game. Then add the month and date when you were playing the game.

Level 143

Question: Help Mark escape from the secret room.

Answer: You must have the ability to remove the bulb. Swipe the bulb from left to right to open it, then tap the Escape key when the cops leave.

Level 144

Question: Pigsy is caught by monsters, save him immediately!

The answer: Shake your cellphone which will make the monster dizzy and give the yellow item to the monkey. Then take one of the chair legs and use it to hit the monster’s head.

Level 145

Question: Find out all items that are an exact match.

The answer: Look for one that is similar in shape and size.

Level 146

Question: Try picking fruit

The answer: Make a ladder, then use log + two ropes to reach the fruit and pick it up.

Level 147

Question: Find the correct answer to this equation.

The answer: Turn the number 9 into 6 and then add 6 + 11 + 13 = 30.

Level 148

Question: Please find ping pong.

The answer: You will find the ball 2 times and the ball will show 10. To reduce speed, delete the 0 and find the ball again.

Level 149

Question: Which one will you submit?

The answer: Tie the two ropes so he doesn’t have to hold them both.

Level 150

Question: An old woman has 7 sons and each boy has a sister so how many children does the old woman have?

Answer: There are 7 boys, 1 girl. The total is 8.

Level 151

Question: How to catch a thief?

The answer: Take the shovel next to the tree and dig a hole. Cover this hole with a straw.

Level 152

Question: How do you store eggs?

The answer: Use one finger to hold the wheel and the other to store the eggs.

Level 153

Question: Help the dog to win.

The answer: Swap the dog and rabbit places to get the win.

Level 154

Question: Try making ice cream

The answer: Use two fingers to find the power plug. Plug it in, put in the cone and mix the ice with the milk.

Level 155

Question: How many candles are left if 2 of them die?

Answer: 8 candles will turn into the remaining 2 candles.

Level 156

Question: Cover rocket and hold 15 seconds.

The answer: Slide the word ‘protect’ and place it on the rocket.

Level 157

Question: Try to find flies.

Answer: Take the glasses from the dog’s eyes and put them on the boy.

Level 158

Question: Which one will you choose?

The answer: Press one and slide through all of them.

Level 159

Question: Please catch all the birds.

Answer: Slide the phone from the boy’s pocket so he can take a photo of all the birds.

Level 160

Question: Try to charge (charge)

Answer: Charge your phone.

Brain Out Answers Key Level 161-180

Brain Out Answer Key Level 161-180

Level 161

Question: Which two numbers can be changed to 8?

Answer: Two zeros make the number 8.

Level 162

Question: How can you prevent dogs from eating sausages?

Answer: Take a sausage from a plate and give it to the boy’s mouth. Try not to touch the dog.

Level 163

Question: Smash all bowling pins.

The answer: Minify the bowling ball and then throw it.

Level 164

Question: Find out where the ping-pong balls are.

The answer: Tap the dot between the written level and the number 164

Level 165

Question: How many triangles are there at the bottom?

Answer: 14 triangles including the one on the yellow button.

Level 166

Question: No Smoking.

The answer: Take the cigarette pack from his pocket and then tap the cigarette several times to remove or throw it away.

Level 167

Question: Monkey can pick 2 pineapples per 1 minute, how many can be picked with 10 minutes on the tree?

Answer: the correct one is 0.

Level 168

Question: Try to bathe the cat please.

Answer: Add shower gel to the water. Then have the child put the cat in the water. When finished, find the fish behind the chair and give it to the cat.

Level 169

Question: Find a way out of here

Answer: Just tap on the word ‘out’ or ‘out’.

Level 170

Question: Try expressing milk.

The answer: Give the bull the red bucket 3 times and it will kick it. Then, a cow will appear. Give this cow the red bucket.

Level 171

Question: Please fill the bucket.

The answer: Put the bucket in the aquarium, then place the aquarium under the faucet to fill it with water.

Level 172

Question: Fill in the same numbers.

Answer: The solution is: 444 + 44 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 500.

Level 173

Question: How many slices do you need to cut the cake into 8 equal pieces?

Answer: the correct one is 3 pieces.

Level 174

Question: Try to please feed the monster.

The answer: Make the blue creature big by enlarging or zooming it. He will immediately eat everyone.

Level 175

Question: How do I get rid of the card?

The answer: Slide your finger through all the cards. Repeat up to 5x. After that, tap the card.

Level 176

Question: There are only five lines. Now it’s your turn to play.

The answer: You need to place the remaining four circles in a loop by clicking on the same row quickly.

Level 177

Question: Help the woman to get out.

Answer: Place the chick in the center of the right side, the place where it can come out.

Level 178

Question: Catch the doll

Answers: 1. Open and grip by clicking the red button. 2. Add coins. 3. Move the catcher to the right using the right button. 4. Click on the yellow button to release the catcher and catch the doll.

Level 179

Question: Please score 3x goals.

The answer: Before following the next two steps, score two goals. After the 3rd goal, a red ball will appear. First, click very quickly until the bar fills up completely. Second, take the ball and put it in the Goal.

Level 180

Question: Choose the largest number.

Answer: You have to do it yourself, find the largest number the fastest way.

Brain Out Answers Level 181-200 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 181-200 Answer Key

Level 181

Question: I am thirsty, May I have a glass of water?

The answer: Use one of your fingers to lift the container on the left and the other to turn it around and pour water into the glass. Note: Do not lift the other fingers until the glass is completely filled.

Level 182

Question: Please park this car please!

The answer: Move the white car to the far right of the screen and 4 free parking spots will appear. Use arrows to park the car at one of them.

Level 183

Question: Try grilling fish for cat food.

The answer: Put the fish on the fire and give it to the cat.

Level 184

Question: a =?

Answer: T b = 10 and a = b so “a” = “10”.

Level 185

Question: Press the number 1000.

The answer: Slide the tap button and you will find no. “1000”, now click on it.

Level 186

Question: Park your car immediately.

The answer: First, get the green car out of its place and then park your car.

Level 187

Question: Please light a candle.

The answer: Zoom matchbox and remove matchstick from town. Now, light a match, then light a candle to pass the next level.

Level 188

Question: Defeat the monster.

The answer: Zoom out the screen to make the monster small, then put him in his pocket to pass this level.

Level 189

Question: Guess who is the smartest?

Answer: ‘Developer’ or ‘developer’ who made this cool game.

Level 190

Question: Try to make him laugh.

Answer: First, take off his shoes and then use the fur to tickle him, which will make him laugh.

Level 191

Question: Please open the safe.

The answer: The key is on the back of the safe, take the key and slide it to open the door.

Level 192

Question: What is the most correct answer?

Answer: 51 + 123 = 174, 911 + 72 = 983. So, “113-16 = 97”.

Level 193

Question: Participate in a lucky spin, aka a lucky draw.

Answer: Don’t press to start, just spin it yourself and find the prize.

Level 194

Question: Let’s twitter.

The answer: Swipe to spin the robot and choose any suitable hand to win then press ok to pass the level.

Level 195

Question: Please fill the glass please.

The answer: Light a match and light a candle with this match. Now, put the candle on the water plate then place the glass on the candle to pass this level.

Level 196

Question: Take the toy out of the bottle.

The answer: First, minimize the toy to make it small then turn your phone over to pass the level.

Level 197

Question: Try shouting ‘I’m handsome’.

Answer: Press start, then click “ok” and then start again.

Level 198

Question: Please defeat the monster!

Answer: Remove the monster’s health so that it is destroyed.

Level 199

Question: How do I reach the end point?

The answer: Turn your phone over and tap the person. Hold your phone until he reaches the finish line.

Level 200

Question: Enter a password.

Answer: The password is “?”.

Brain Out Answers Level 201-221 Answer Key

Brain Out Level 201-221 Answer Key

Level 201

Question: Please don’t knock.

Answer: Wait 10 seconds.

Level 202

Question: Try to get rid of Sadako.

Answer: Tap on the power button on TV and turn it off right away.

Level 203

Question: Try to put the ball in the basket.

The answer: Turn your phone to let the basketball enter the ring.

Level 204

Question: Don’t hit the mark.

The answer: Block the arrows before reaching the target point.

Level 205

Question: Try putting your feet on your shoulders.

Answer: Transfer the word “foot” to the word “shoulder”.

Level 206

Question: How to improve vision ability?

The answer: Take a cloth from your pocket and clean your glasses.

Level 207

Question: Don’t talk at all.

Answer: Turn down the volume on your phone.

Level 208

Question: Unlock with ‘Password’

Answer: Move the word “Pass”.

Level 209

Question: How to distribute 3 apples to 6 people evenly

Answer: Replace 6 with 3. Give two apples to each person.

Level 210

Question: Tilt your phone to the left

Answer : Change gorilla to monkey.

Level 211

Question: Find 6 smiles

The answer: Find 5 smiling faces. For the 6th one there will be an emoji 😐.

Level 212

Question: Try to collect coins.

The answer: Go to the left side, collect 4 coins. Then find the 5th coin in the bag.

Level 213

Question: Shout ‘I’m handsome’.

Answer: Press start and when it says “I can’t hear you” then tap “ok” and hit start again to pass this level.

Level 214

Question: Try to find 5 stars.

The answer: Tap the head several times to search for the remaining stars.

Level 215

Question: You have to fix what you see.

The answer: Take a cleaning cloth from your pocket and clean the glasses to pass this level.

Level 216

Question: How to avoid these attacks?

Answer: Shrink your phone screen and move it into the hole.

Level 217

Question: Try to find chicks please!

The answer: Zoom out and slide the chicken on top of the egg to find other chicks.

Level 218

Question: Skip the end

The answer: Move the car to word “END” in the text screen.

Level 219

Question: Try to help find the woman.

The answer: Zoom out and move the chicken on the egg so you can see it.

Level 220

Question: Help the boy to win

Answer: Move the girl to the middle, then you can pass this level.

Level 221

Question: Get out of the room

The answer: Use the number 9342 on the curtain to unlock it. The lockers are behind the curtains.

So, that’s the answer key to the Brain Out game. What level have you reached?

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