Finally, the vacation season has come, so that is the perfect time to go on a trip, relax properly and have some fun. However, if only a few years ago we had to plan our own routes and search for great books with maps, today there are a great number of handy smartphone apps for this purpose.

Best Planners Apps

No doubt that a good set of apps can help with planning any type of travel and save not only time but money as well as reduce stress. We have compiled a list of 5 travel planning apps that are sure to make your trip much more comfortable and pleasant.

1. ME

It’s no secret that is a very reliable, convenient, and most importantly free navigation app. It is easy to download a map of any country in advance on a smartphone, in case you travel by car the app can also serve as a GPS navigator, the voice control function helps to focus on the road and avoid accidents.

Recently, the popularity of car rental during the holidays has been growing. Many services provide a wide range of cars of different brands and sizes. As you may know, the UAE is famous for its gorgeous cars, so now due to the rental companies, everyone has the opportunity to hire a car both in the economy and luxury classes. For those who are traveling with a big family or friends, bmw rental in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can be especially convenient due to the roomy vehicles of the brand and their low prices. Do not miss a chance to try this out, in order to stay mobile and safe during the trip.

2. PackPoint

This is a convenient service that allows you to build a detailed plan for your trip. Add information about the departures, mark all the necessary places on the map, as well as specify the upcoming meetings to stay organized.

The app has a very handy interface, which divides your travel planning zones by the following criteria: transport, housing, and entertainment. This way, you can literally plan your entire trip by days and hours, so that you don’t miss out on anything.

3. Sygic Travel Maps

Universal planner with routes, places of interest, excursions, city maps, transport maps, and even weather reports. The offline mode of maps and navigator in the right place would be a great helper in the case of lack of internet access.

It’s easy to share your plans with other users, especially when you’re traveling with friends.

4. The XE Currency Converter

When coming to a foreign country it is extremely important to be aware of the local currencies in order to avoid fraud. The XE Currency Converter mobile app is an offline currency service that converts all currency in a matter of seconds.

In order not to spend too much money while traveling you can also keep track of your finances with the smart wallet function.

5. Nearest Wiki

The app suggests nearby places of interest, finds and tells fascinating facts about the city and country, and recommends local cafes and bars. The main feature of this service is the technology of augmented reality, which is available to every user.

Therefore, even those who currently have no opportunity to go on a trip may do it virtually, all the main sights are represented with maximum accuracy and are very realistic.

Do not waste your time, download all the 5 apps and get ready for the trip with these useful services. Have a nice journey!

Manoj Chakraborty
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