With high-quality content, BBC iPlayer became the best on-demand video streaming service. For more than 12 years, this streaming service offers the best video streaming experience to use in different countries.

New Zealand is among them. Kiwis watched BBC iPlayer adopting different ways like using VPN. Now the user can boost their video-watching experience on BBC iPlayer with some tips and tricks in this country.

It will help to get more content on different topics. BBC iPlayer offers what you need to watch right now. Learn how to get BBC iPlayer NZ and optimized video-watching experience here.

How to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand?

BBC iPlayer

Unfortunately, BBC iPlayer is not available in New Zealand. That means there is no direct access to stream BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

Because of the content licensing issue and streaming publicly this on-demand streaming service is only available in the UK.

In New Zealand, there is only one way to stream BBC iPlayer and that is using VPN. It can bypass the geo-restriction by changing the location and IP address. There are tons of options for reliable VPNs available to use.

A VPN also helps to get access to the different content of BBC iPlayer. Let’s see how you can manage to get BBC iPlayer in New Zealand.

  • Choose a reliable VPN and get a subscription.
  • Download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Launcher and login using your credentials.
  • Select a UK server.
  • Visit the BBC iPlayer website and enjoy the show.

Which Tips and Tricks Can Boost the BBC iPlayer Streaming Experience?

Every on-demand video streaming service has some secret tricks to make the streaming experience much better. BBC iPlayer players also have some like that. So, what are they? Let’s find them all below.

See what’s going on

BBC iPlayer shows the list that you search for and want you previously watched. There is more that makes you focused on this video streaming platform.

Finding the channel, and catching the show is now possible via the search option. Don’t let the time pass because some of these shows will vanish from the list after 30 days.

Some options related to the search are hidden. On your mobile, it is hidden behind the menu option.

Get the Episode Guide

Know more about the content on BBC iPlayer. Just select the Item. If there is any warning, language differences, or violence, then it will be shown to you.

There is more waiting for the full details option. Click on the content and get the length of the show, the first release date, how long the cabernet is available on this platform, etc.

Use subtitle

The BBC iPlayer player offers a subtitle feature for you of the content. To do that, find the S button in the playback bar. Turn the subtitle on. Keep in mind, the style for the substitute is different based on the device type.


Yes, location can make your video streaming experience better. BBC iPlayer can provide content, shows, and News based on the location you select. The Location is easy to adjust online. For that, find the Change Location option.

For many users, it is relatively new. On mobile devices, find this option on the setting menu. Set the right location and enjoy more relevant shows.

Make it private

BBC iPlayer has your account details and tracks you’re watching history. If you don’t want to share your viewing history and keep it private from everyone, then turn on the Allow personalization option. Such an act will keep you away from shattering data.

Save for later

Save your show on BBC iPlayer to watch later. To experience a fancy finishing off the show, this on-demand streaming platform offers the save for later option.

Watch the show later on the big screen and further about your mobile phone. Make sure, you downloaded the BBC iPlayer app to your device. Keep everything on record to watch it later.

Choose your preferred download quality

As an on-demand video streaming service, BBC iPlayer allows the user to download shows on mobile and tablets. But as a default setting, this streaming service lets you download shows that can shave your SD v space.

Don’t worry when you have enough space. Go to the setting option and select Higher Quality Downloads and turn it on.

Sync it

The BBC iPlayer player is accessible from different devices like Android, iOS, Smart TV, etc. Synchronizing BBC iPlayer across many devices is a handy feature for you.

Once you sync it, you will not miss the moment after switching between devices. Just pick up your devices and stay where you left them. The best part is it helps you to build a personalized collection of content.

Picture in picture mode

Do you know BBC iPlayer has a picture in picture mode? You can use this best supporting playback video interface from BBC iPlayer.

Don’t miss your show as soon as you are multitasking. It is the best option that keeps the user up to date with the show.


BBC iPlayer set a milestone in the on-demand video streaming industry. It’s now in its great content period. The popularity of BBC iPlayer is rising in the sky. It makes sense why BBC iPlayer is a demanding online platform for the residents of New Zealand. Kiwi can unlock it and enjoy the show at any time.

On top of that, all these tips, tricks, and features make BBC iPlayer an amazing platform for the best streaming experience. This streaming service comes with lots of handy features that make your streaming experience much better.

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