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Astroid Joomla Template Framework

A good framework can help you a lot in creating the best template or website straightforwardly and keeping the development robust. There are lots of framework in the market, each of them having some pros and cons.

With this all others framework there is the latest player in the game – Astroid Framework.

Astroid framework is the latest Open source framework for Joomla site development which is specially designed for the Joomla developers to develop Joomla templates and website in a faster and efficient way.

Astroid is not just an ordinary framework, it is built with the latest cutting-edge technologies and has more features than any other paid framework out there. Let’s have a look in all that features…

Astroid Framework is Easy to Use

Astroid Joomla Framework has a very simple clean UI which is self-descriptive, i.e., you don’t need to spend much time in learning how to use the framework. Every element are  well designed and well placed to perfectly portray the function they are made for

No Matter if you are an experienced guy or a newbie who just started to make websites and templates, you all will find Astroid framework very easy to use and to play around.

Offers Complete Customization

Astroid is sufficiently flexible, what we mean by this term is that, that you can customize each element of the website or the template. There is no limit on the level of customization you can do with Astroid in just a few clicks.

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Want proof? Here is the video showing that how you can configure and customize the preloader with just a few clicks using Astroid Framework.


Astroid Framework is Fully Responsive

Without these two features, no framework can get the tag of a complete framework for Joomla CMS. Astroid framework is 100% responsive. The websites and templates made from this framework are responsible too, i.e., you are not going to lose any audience due to a bad presentation of the website on different devices as they can fit on all them perfectly.

Responsive Joomla Template Framework
Fully Responsive Layout

Beside this, Astroid Template is also search engine optimized. All the major SEO guidelines are followed in the entire designing and developing the process of the Astroid to make it one of the best SEO optimized framework in the market.

Powerful Dashboard/Admin Panel

Astroid Admin Panel
Powerful Admin Panel

Astroid Joomla framework has a very powerful dashboard. There are lots of features and functionality associated with the admin panel like the powerful layout builder with the drag and drop functionality helps you in designing the layout of the pages.

You can also set the mega menu, custom pages, etc. with the same dashboard. There are the lot to explore all you need to do is to give it a try.

Multiple Header Variations

Astroid Joomla Template Framework
Multiple Header Variation

There are multiple header variations to choose from in Astroid Framework. We can’t deny the fact that the header is one of the most critical parts of the website and it should always have to be the best.

For this only, we have developed multiple header variations. There are two main options in Astroid Framework – Horizontal Mode and Stacked Mode. In each of this mode, there are three more layouts which help you to customize the header further.

Custom 404 Page and Offline Page

Astroid Joomla Template Framework
404 Page

Some people are under the misconception that they should not give as much importance to 404  as the other pages of the website because they are the last place you want your users to end up on your site.

However, this is not the case. Your 404 page is your chance to turn a negative situation into a positive one and if you haven’t taken advantage of it already, you should. With Astroid you can take care of that as Astroid Joomla Framework provides you the custom build default pages.

Quality Support and Documentation

Astroid framework comes with well documented with screenshots & video references. All Steps to creating templates and websites with Astroid framework correctly described in details in the documentation.

Along with this, the quality support from the support team of Astroid is unmatched, just if you face any problem tweet to JoomDev – The company who made Astroid and they will assist you further.

Cross-Browser Support

Astroid Framework for Joomla is cross-browser compatible i.e it can smoothly on any other major browser out there even with internet explorer.

Final Words

Astroid framework comes with extensive possibilities, which enable you to create a supremely classy Joomla based websites and templates. Just go and download it at once, you’ll surely like this. Are you looking for free Joomla templates?? Click here.

To know more about Astroid Framework visit:


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