Many people will see cycling as one of the least technically advanced modes of transport currently used around the world. Whilst cars and motorbikes have benefitted from faster, more reliable and more efficient engines over the years, the only thing powering a traditional bike has stayed completely the same.

Although cyclists haven’t benefitted from any technical enhancements when it comes to how fast they can pedal, there are a number of the ways technology is helping improve the lives of cyclists. Here’s a look at three apps and sites every cyclist should have on their phone.

Fitness app

Whilst many people will see cycling as a hobby or a good way of commuting to work, many people will see the activity as an ideal way to improve their fitness. Cycling is said to burn between 400 and 1,000 calories every hour, depending on what terrain you’re on and how fast you’re peddling. It’s also a great way of building muscles in your lower body. It can also help improve your mental well-being as well.

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To keep track of just how well you’re performing, find an app that can calculate your speed, distance and even the calories you have burned. That way you can keep track of your progress and motivate yourself to reach any goals.

Sports betting

If you’re a true cycling fan, you’ll know that cycling is so much more than a mode of transport that can get you from A to B. It can be an ideal way to relax from the stresses of the modern world and get back to nature by going for a gentle pedal through a forest. On the other hand, it can also be a tense, adrenaline-fuelled, nail-biting sport that sees athletes at their peak fitness give their all to try and win some of the sport’s big events.

When it comes to cycling, there is a no bigger honour than winning the Tour De France. Being able to stand at the top of that podium wearing the yellow jersey is what every cyclist aims to achieve in their lives. Whilst the majority of us will never have the chance to compete in the Tour De France let alone be crowned the champion, it doesn’t mean we still can’t take part in the sport.

Just like any other sport, you can find a number of Tour de France bets online for all the big riders. Even though the event only lasts a few weeks of the year, you can find odds and place a bet on who will be the next champion throughout the year. If you’re after some more fun in the meantime away from your bike, you can also find odds for some of the smaller events, like the Giro d’Italia or the Tour of Britain, which take place throughout the year.


Whilst cycling is a great way of getting somewhere quickly, it’s also a very good way of getting yourself lost very quickly as well. If you set off on a bike ride just for pleasure, it’s likely that you’ll decide which way to go en route and even decide to visit paths you haven’t been down before.

Once you’ve had enough, make sure you have a map app installed onto your phone so you can find your way home just as easily as you got yourself lost.

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