UnlockMyTv – Watching movies and TV serials has become the best activity to kill time. Let it be a teenager or an adult; almost every second person will tell you that they love watching videos for entertainment. However, no one loves to watch content that takes a lot of time to load, has bad pixels, or costs over the budget.


For this matter, most people can be found searching for various applications allowing them to stream good quality video content without burning a hole in their pockets. While you can go and download many applications to test, it is always preferred to save time by downloading a renowned application.

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What is UnlockMytv App?

Unlockmytv is a free source video streaming application that can be easily found on the internet. If you are interested in saving yourself the time and hassle while enjoying the best content, have a huge variety at your hand, and stay within your budget as well, Unlocakmytv should be your first choice.

This application has been in the market for quite a long time and has gathered a huge user base. You can easily find the users vouching for the best service and quality content of this app. 

Benefits of UnlockMytv Application

Even though this application was launched a lot of years ago, the number of users has only multiplied over time. The sole reason for the growing users is the vast list of benefits being offered.

Here are some of the benefits you must know about before downloading it:

  1. It is a free source application, and hence, the user does not need to pay anything for either downloading it or using it.
  2. It is readily available on the internet as well as in App Stores of different OS. The APKs for various OS can be found with convenience.
  3. The quality of the content uploaded on the Unlockmytv app is mind-blowing. The quality of pixels is so good that it gives the feeling of HD.
  4. This application is perfect for streaming any video at any time of the day without lags, delays, or issues.

Issues Faced Installing Unlockmytv

Even though this application has been named the best application for streaming TV serials, movies, and sports, some users have reported a few issues. While you know all the positive features of it, you must be aware of the drawbacks a few users face. 

Here are the issues that you might encounter while downloading and installing it:

  1. The APK downloads, but an error appears, suggesting that the application is not installed while installing it. (This usually happens when the APK file is not good to be installed. In such a case, download APK from another website and install)
  2. At times, the application repeatedly crashes either when opened or when a video is played. (Try deleting cache and data, uninstalling, removing all other movie apps, and the issue will be resolved)
  3. The application keeps hanging, and you have to close it over and over again. (This happens when an update is available but you have not updated. Please update your application)
  4. Either TV serials or movies are not accessible while the other is. (This happens when your location is blocking data from some sites from where Unlockmytv gets data. Use a VPN or try these alternatives to Unlockmytv)

Unlockmytv or Unlockmytvv?

A lot of new users confuse Unlockmytv app with the Unlockmytvv app and end up downloading the wrong one. While the latter application is also termed a good video streaming application, it is not nearly comparable to the former one. If you are confused about the reasons that make the Unlockmytvv application inferior to the other app, here are some reasons for you:

  1. Unlockmytvv has a limited collection of videos for the users to stream. Once the users are done with the content, there is nothing new for them to watch.
  2. The content is not updated regularly, leaving the users with only the old shows and movies to watch.
  3. The quality of the videos is not excellent, but just mediocre. If you are a newbie, you can survive with the videos, but a regular user can’t enjoy his time.
  4. It does not have many add-ons available in the market; hence, the quality of the services provided can’t be improved.
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