With the coming of no-code software development platforms, a huge sigh of relief has come upon the Information Technology world at large. This is because of the several benefits that come with making use of these tools.

Ease of use, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, are a few of the advantages that this service and many others offer users. But even at that, the truth is that there will always be the need for traditional developers of software applications. The only thing is that their professional scope just got narrower, thanks to the no-code software development tools option.

Having established this, it is right about the time that people know when using the traditional option is not a good idea. You should keep reading if you consider this important as we walk you through when you should not consider traditional software development methods.

Traditional Software Development

When Time Is of the Essence

Software development tools help you come up with operating systems that make your work easier. However, it is a known fact that coming up with software applications using the traditional system is time-consuming.

It is very normal to have developers work themselves out for days coding. The simple truth is that with no-code software development tools, you can achieve in a few minutes what would take days with the traditional method.

With the traditional option, a database has to be built, an end-server needs to be built, the design of the front-end has to be written, and the entire design has to be made. All these processes and more take days even for the best hands and minds.

However, you can just cut to the chase with the no-code software development option. So, you might have to rule out the traditional option if time is of the essence.

When You Need to Save Cost

It is not hard to figure out why hiring a software developer to come up with a software application is expensive. This is especially in light of the things that have been discussed above.

These IT professionals spend a lot of time coding and paying attention to other areas of traditional software application creation. So, clients just have to measure up by paying some hefty prices.

Well, this is not the case with no-code software development tools. Although many of them are not free, the cost of using them is way less than taking the traditional software creation route.

As a matter of fact, having the software application developed by yourself is a possibility. As a result, you could be saving the cost that would have been spent hiring someone to do the job. So, this is a reason you might want to consider no-code software development tools.

When You Are Not a Professional

Developers are the professionals traditionally tasked with the responsibility of developing software applications. To do this, they get themselves acquainted with programming languages and several other things.

Frankly, it is a professional’s job and requires a lot. However, the narrative is changing with no-code software development tools. This is because it is now possible for non-professionals to create software applications.

This could be in the form of iOS and Android applications, websites, digital portals, and several other things. These tools are ready-made options considering that the most difficult part of software application development has been executed by the people behind the tools.

The users (including non-professionals) just need to use the add and drop features and other easy-to-use features. So, it is a great option for people that know very little or nothing about the traditional development of software applications.


There is no doubt that traditional software application developers are needed for certain times and special kinds of projects. However, we have gone over some of the cases in which using a no-code option is better. You are advised to make informed decisions in light of this.

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