If you’re passionate about watching or making Stories, you may have noticed how fastidious and fascinating at the same time they are: disappear after 24 hours, have a list of Viewers which can include you if you have browsed the Story. But at the same time, Stories are live content, with only the latest news and the most exciting topics.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

People are more likely to go to Insta to look at Stories rather than the news feed. Stories are a link between a brand, product, business, and audience, between users with different or similar interests. In general, such content is rich in various stories, ideas, and creativity, as Story creation is an art in its own right.

But there is one thing: the inability to browse a Story anonymously (or it is possible…). In general, anonymity is not for social media. But agree that sometimes it’s a necessity, or a strong desire, to view Instagram Story anonymously without someone else’s knowledge.”

Reasons why watching Stories is sometimes necessary:

1. Viewing of competitor’s Stories

It is the first good reason to start watching Stories without the competitors knowing. I’m sure that you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where a competitor catches you following his content. Of course, on the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with that because that’s what Instagram is all about openness. But on the other hand, there are situations where it’s better not to “show up”.

2. Browsing on partner’s Stories

Anonymous “review” of Stories may be just the thing to help you if you need to learn a little more about your future partner. But it can work if partners are active on Insta, so you can learn more about them and see if they are worth a partnership, if you have the same interests, or if it is better not to do business with them. 

3. Exploring influencers’ Stories

As in the case of the partner, it is advisable to carry out a full “investigation” to see whether the person is worth cooperating with or not. And, again, Stories are the first place to find out the most interesting, exclusive things about people.

4. Spying on exes

Our natural curiosity cannot be eradicated. It is pretty normal to want to see what is going on in a person’s life after a break-up. Stories are great content that can satisfy all your interests. And, of course, in that case, anonymity certainly would not be out of place.

Okay, now it’s time to explore all the ways to view Stories: using third-party viewers (Insta-Stories, Instalkrs, Stories, Bigbangram Story viewer, etc.), browser extensions, apps, or other tricks to browse Stories without getting caught.

View Instagram Stories Anonymously

How to browse Insta Stories [Computer]

After installing the Chrome IG Story extension for the browser, you are free to enjoy Stories even without your own Insta profile. In the case with Firefox, you may try a StoriesWatcher that operates as Chrome IG Story. Then, just install the extension and enjoy Stories on Insta from pc without a user knowing.

Yes, it’s not the easiest and quickest way to start browsing Stories, but after installation, you may see Stories at any time and what is more essential secretly.

How to browse Insta Stories [iPhone]


Finding a private Instagram profile viewer app for iPhones is not easy.. But there is one, for example, Story Reposter. Of course, it should be installed from the App Store. 

The principle of viewing is the following:

  • after installation, log in and point out your IG data;
  • find an entry field and insert a nickname of the profile you wish to spy (or keywords and the tool offers you a list of results according to your request);
  • after finding a necessary account, pick out a Story or browse all of them without the user knowing.

Airplane Mode

This trick can be used on both iPhone and Android. The idea is quite simple: you don’t need any third-party software or tools, just the built-in function of your mobile phone called “Airplane mode”. 

To view Stories this way:

  • refresh your Stories feed first;
  • swipe the screen from bottom to top and find a “plane” icon (airplane mode button) to activate it;
  • go back to refreshed Stories feed and watch Insta Stories secretly.

You will not appear on the “Seen by” list as the feature blocks the internet connection, and you view Stories offline.

How to browse Insta Stories [Android]

Android also has its Story viewer: for example, the Story Saver tool. Again, it should be installed from the Play Store. 

It functions in the same way as the previous iPhone app: after the installation, insert your IG info to access the profile, find a necessary user and pick out Stories you wish to browse secretly.

By the way, you may use the Airplane Mode feature on Android too.

How to browse Insta Stories [Any device]

Web-based Story viewer services run online. You do not need to install them to access; just go from your mobile phone or computer (which is more convenient) using your browser to one of the services to view Stories secretly.

These tools are convenient because you don’t have to spend time setting them up. Also, they usually don’t require you to register or enter your IG account details, so you may watch Stories without having your profile. 

Here’s an example of such websites for anonymous viewing: Instalkr, StoriesDown, StoriesIG, InstaStories, etc. To browse a Story, insert a username into a search bar and pick out Stories you wish to explore without anyone knowing.

The only thing to be careful with choosing such tools is that hackers sometimes use them to install malicious links on websites. So, don’t click on such suspicious links so as not to harm your device.

Fake account

The last method you may try if you don’t want to use third-party instruments or resort to viewing Stories anonymously so often that the Airplane Mode function is no longer entirely convenient. 

On the one hand, creating an account that you can’t be identified by is an old and tried-and-true way of keeping track not only of users’ Stories but of their profiles as well anonymously. 

But on the other hand, Insta has been blocking more and more fake accounts lately because it’s a violation of the platform policy. There should be real users with real Stories, content, etc. 

Just take the creation of a fake account seriously and be aware that you could be blocked.

Guys, we’d like to see your comments on how you find the Insta Stories Viewer by BigBangram. We’d be glad to hear from you, both positive and negative, as your opinion helps improve the tool. Your feedback is important.

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