When you want to make a video, being able to edit it easily and quickly can make all the difference. These days, technology permits you to edit your videos on your laptop in a short turnaround time. Selecting one of the best video editing laptops is essential if you are looking to get some editing done while on the move.

There are many laptops in the market for the consumer to choose from. Selecting one from the list of the best video editing laptops is a very confusing process. Laptops power-packed with features translate into faster rendering times.

Features to look for in video editing laptops

Some traits that you must look for in all the best video editing laptops are:

Powerful CPU:

Laptops with powerful central processing units are a boon for video editors or creators. Multiple core processor with hyperthreading abilities is unquestionably the best for video editing.

Dedicated Graphics:

For better performance and faster rendering, a powerful and dedicated graphics card is a must.


If you want to avoid lagging while editing videos, then a laptop with a suitable amount of RAM is a must. If you are producing full HD videos, then a laptop with a built-in 8-12 GB RAM would be enough. More RAM is needed for more advanced video resolutions like 4K.

High-Resolution Display:

The display is another vital aspect to check in the best video editing laptops. A high-resolution display is required to play and edit videos properly.

Lightweight and portable:

If you dream of a mobile workstation for editing videos, make sure your laptop is portable and easy to work on the go.

MacBooks and Video editing software

According to many surveys, MacBooks beats all the other best video editing laptops. They have long been aimed at creative professionals, predominantly in the case of video editing.

Since people across various industries prefer to use Mac, it is a natural strategy for video editing software companies to take their software right at Mac’s doorstep. If you have a handy yet professional video editing software for Mac, then video editing can be an easy task.

Modern video editing software applications are better than ever, offering the tools and effects that would mostly be available for professionals. With the combination of these tools and easy-to-use interfaces, you don’t need to take any particular course to start video editing.

10 best video editing software for Mac

There are dozens of video editing software available which makes it challenging to choose the best video editing software. Fortunately, there’s a large selection of some of the best video editing software for Mac available online to sink your teeth into. Some are designed for beginners, while some are for professional video editors.

So, if you have Mac-specific video editing software requirements, then you have come to the right place. Read on to know more about the 10 best video editing software for Mac.

Final Cut Pro:

  • Professional video editing software for MacBook users. The application results in accelerated and post-production work from beginning to end.
  • This software permits you to import, share, and edit with support for multiple formats.
  • It comes packed with many tools for editing, trimming, effects, audio enhancement, color correction, multimedia management, and captions.
  • This video editing software for Mac lets you integrate many third-party tools, content, and plug-ins to offer an extendable workflow platform.


  • It is one of the best online video editors available amongst the 10 best video editing software applications for Mac.
  • It is an intuitive online video editor which comes loaded with templates, filters, stickers, tools, and more to get your video editing journey started.
  • InVideo pricing starts at $29.00/month per user. There is a free version of InVideo, and it also offers a free trial.
  • There are many exciting product features which other software do not offer like video stabilization, text overlay, speed adjustment, spilled and merge, audio tools, and more.
  • Easy drag-and-drop video creation and editing.
  • Simple User interface.

Filmora Video Editor for Mac:

  • It is a great editing software for professional videos.
  • It comes with exclusive features like motion graphics, special effects, reverse playback, zoom features, clean interface, and overlays.
  • It has an intuitive design and dedicated packages for Mac users.

DaVinci Resolve:

  • This video editing software for Mac is full of professional tools, such as enhanced color correction and image stabilization.
  • It offers multi-camera editing, curves, extended filters.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
  • It is trending amongst the 10 best video editing software applications for Mac.
  • It has a simple and convenient program interface.
  • It is designed especially for professionals.

Apple iMovie:

  • It is best suited for home video editing in MacBooks.
  • It is a user-friendly app with an intuitive interface.
  • It comes it well designed, qualitative, and exciting theme.


  • Avidemux is a free and basic software that made our list of  10 best video editing software for Mac.
  • It is excellent for simple video editing tasks.


  • It is a cloud-hosted video editing and sharing software.
  • You can view, capture, create, and share professional-level videos even at up to 4K resolution.
  • Its simple interface and advanced editing features are the reason for its inclusion in the list of 10 best video editing software applications for Mac.

HitFilm Express:

  • It is free online video editing software, but additional modules could be purchased for better functionality.
  • It is cost-effective, feature-packed video editing software.


  • This last but not the least entry of the 10 best video editing software applications for Mac comes loaded with video optimization tools, 3D editing, fine-tuning colors, video speed adjustment, and more features.
  • Simple User interface with drag-and-drop function.


Video editing is not only a creative competence but also a technical accomplishment. Many common video editing issues obstruct your efforts of turning raw footage into a captivating video. Choose from the best video editing laptops available in the market to enrich your video editing experience.

Leveraging the video editing software along with best video editing laptop is crucial to transform your video into a piece of art. Find the application which works best for you from the above mentioned 10 best video editing software applications for Mac and create the best videos.

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