When we talk about cycling, many people will worry about the damage to our body caused by it. Long-term swing of legs, muscles feel fatigued, and cold wind blowing constantly to the naked skin, fractures, joint dislocations, peripheral nerve injuries, these diseases are like demons sitting on the side of the road and laughing.

But the right riding habits are the key to defeat the devil! If we have the right riding habits, we can not only say goodbye to these diseases but also strengthen our physique and keep fit. Patients with knee arthritis can also take advantage of the E-bike to have equal rights to others.

Tips for New Cyclists

Not only can E-bike keep your knees from swinging for a long time, but it’s can also take you farther away like a fine horse without worrying about the horse being stuck in the traffic.

I recently bought an electric bicycle that I can’t help but praise the five stars and recommend it everywhere. It is called Himiway fat tire electric bike. Recently, I’ve been using it to commute to work. In terms of convenience, it’s much better than taking a car.

In terms of comfort and speed, it’s much better than ordinary bicycles. From the structural design to the appearance of the bike, and considering the knee protection, this is basically the best E-bike for bad knees.

What are the right riding habits? I will tell you in the following six parts.

1. Warm-up

Warm-up! No matter what sport is, warm-up is the most critical step! Just like the junior high school, the physical teacher taught you, rotate the wrists, twist knees. Now get on your bike and start riding slowly. Slow riding is also part of the warm-up.

Slowly ride for a while, let your body stretch like a sponge, which can greatly reduce the probability of your body injury.

Why is warm-up helpful for our sports?

  1. Reduce sports injury, warm-up before exercise can make tendons more flexible, and increase the range of joint activity, It can also prevent joint ligament and muscle injury.
  2. Raising the body muscle temperature and warming up before exercise can accelerate the blood circulation of the body and raise the temperature of the moving parts. When strengthening muscle strength, can also increase the amount of blood flowing to the muscle, so that the whole body can enter the exercise state ahead of time.
  3. Adjusting the psychological and emotional state, warming up before exercise can help exercise psychological activities, adjust psychology, make the cerebral cortex in an excited state, and improve the reaction function of the nervous system.
  4. To improve the functional level of internal organs, when the human body is exercising, internal organs can’t enter the active state all at once, so warming up before exercise can make internal organs adapt to the exercise state in advance and avoid discomfort during exercise.

2. Set Your Saddle Height Properly

Wait, did you confirm your seat height before riding? Letting Napoleon ride on an O’Neill’s bike doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Unsuitable seat height will affect the degree of knee bending and stretching when you stepping on the pedal. Try to find the most suitable height first. When riding, let your highest knee form a 45-degree angle, while at the lowest knee bend slightly. And that seat height is tailor-made for you! If you want to learn more about seat adjustment expertise, check out this link.

It’s best to check the height before riding every time. Although it sounds time-consuming and laborious, it can greatly protect yourself, and you can ride for a long time without feeling tired.

3. Have a Good Ride Position

Playing games day and night and your shoulder will be acid like a brick, riding a bicycle in the wrong way will make your whole body acid like a brick! You need to know what kind of posture will make every muscle of you comfortable.

  • Keep your shoulders down! Shrugging all the time can cause stress on the shoulders, neck and back.

2) Bend the elbow slightly, not too straight or too bent!

3) Keep your back straight, but don’t be too stiff!

4) Don’t let the knee sink in! Knee collapse can lead to poor power distribution of the knee and eventually lead to knee pain.

These habits can’t be formed by riding once or twice. It needs long-term exercises. Keep this good habit and when you don’t need to recall the right postures, you will gain this habit that worth keeping!

4. Have a Good Core Strength

Core strength is very important in riding. It is mainly used to maintain your trunk stability and body balance. I don’t need to talk about the consequences of losing balance when riding! So remember to do some core strengthening exercises, such as planking. If you have good results in planning, you can even show off with your friends so you can kill two birds with one stone!

5. Keep Your Speed Up

Ride as evenly as possible!I know that some of you like to constantly change gears to show your skill. In fact, this kind of behaviour is irrational and superficial, which will not make you healthier. Constantly changing speed will bring a very serious load to your body, but also bring the road drivers unpredictable dangers.

6. Use Elastic Therapeutic Tape

If your knees are particularly sensitive, it is recommended to use elastic therapeutic tape, it will be close to the muscles and joints so that the knees can maintain the correct alignment. It can imitate the human skin, help a greater degree of movement, it also can reduce pain! This has been proved to be effective in the clinic!

The above six points are the key points of riding summarized by me. If you think they are practical, store them up and share them with your friends who also love riding. If you decide to buy but get lost in the mass of choices, you might as well buy the one I bought. That may really be the best E-bike you can buy for the best bike for arthritic knees.

Manoj Chakraborty
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