In this article, you learned: what is a brand narrative, how to make a brand more human, how to attract new audiences with brand storytelling. Finally, we want to share tips on how to write an essay with a catchy story of brand building.

Successful Brand Storytelling

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Create a Storyline

The first element of a narrative essay is a perfectly crafted storyline. Through the storyline, people learn the story of company creation, goals, values, brand mission, and what makes it original. Most people appreciate business people who have built a successful business out of nothing, which has benefited both the owner and the world.

For example, Louis Vuitton was a beggar designer who created compact travel suitcases that would change the life of humanity.

Another prime example is Under Armor, a company manufacturing sports shoes and apparel since 1996. Nike and Adidas already existed at that time. However, Under Armor has managed to win customers’ trust and create strong competition between the two giants. How?

Initially, people perceived Under Armor as a backup place to buy sportswear and shoes. However, when the company partnered with NBA superstar Steph Curry, people perceived Under Armor as a good brand. 

Establish an Emotional Connection

The most profitable and well-growing companies have created a positive emotional connection between the customer and the brand. Take the elevator company, Otis, as an example.

The company launched a unique commercial campaign: neighbors got to know each other in the Otis elevators’ houses. As a result, many neighbors have established friendships, and some people have found a soul mate. Now construction companies are recruiting Otis as one of the best emotional communication companies. In your essay, you can describe a situation where the relationship between the client and the company has improved.

Use Facts And Accurate Data

Important – facts and hard data cannot exist as a separate type of essay. However, they are a great addition to the two types of stories we described above. For example, you can use data from trusted sources to highlight the value of your case. National Geographic talks about animals, climate change, etc.

In addition to personal impressions, the company uses statistics and data from authoritative sources, inspiring the audience’s trust.

You can also use accurate data and statistics to show the success and growth of the company.

For example, Google is constantly releasing the video “Year in Search” – the company demonstrates statistics of the most frequent search queries. Google makes it clear what has been attractive to people throughout the year. In 2016, Google released a video where people fell into two categories.

Some were looking for joyful moments – others were looking for tragic stories. Therefore, if you have interesting facts, do not miss the opportunity to share them – only without bragging.

Make Your Article Memorable

The goal of any brand essay is to make it memorable. Clients should resonate with your words and remember them for several months or even a year. Anheuser-Busch is a prime example. In 2014, during the Super Bowl, the company launched a Budweiser ad.

The main heroes were a puppy and Clydesdale (the iconic Budweiser horse that has long been associated with the brand) – according to the author’s idea, a friendly relationship arose between them. Then people adopted the puppy, and he had to drive away. However, the pack of Clydesdales is rapidly approaching the car to influence the situation somehow.

A flock of horses managed to stop the car, and the puppy, together with friends, returned to the farm. At the end of the ad, the author posted the slogan “best buds.” The advertising success stems from Budweiser’s adherence to the principle of friendship. Later, TIVO conducted a study, and according to the report, this ad was viewed the most in the last 50 years during the Super Bowl.

If you have collaborated with other brands, tell readers about behind the scenes and exciting moments that have influenced your company or triggered change. This way, you can attract a new audience – fans of the brand you collaborated with and make your essay memorable.

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