Netflix is more than simply a streaming service where you may watch the newest original movies, discover the latest buzz-worthy series, or unwind with an old favorite for the hundredth time. For some devoted Netflix fans. You may truly make Netflix work for you by using the most effective tips.

Netflix is renowned all over the globe, so is true for Canada as uncountable users are enjoying streaming service provided by Netflix. They are not just satisfied by being delighted to receive high quality and affordable service in the region. Netflix is unbeatable and has grown up as one of the best Canada streaming platforms.

Streaming in Canada

What strategies do you employ to make your Netflix experience the absolute most enjoyable it can be? Aside from reading all of our genre-specific recommendations and checking what’s added to the site every month, one of the finest methods to get the most out of Netflix is to connect it out with the latest, sometimes secret features you’ll discover below.

Here are 10 helpful hacks that will significantly improve your Netflix experience using the current, improved site.

Accumulating Ratings, Links & Trailers from Renowned Sources

The Netflix Enhancement Suite is a one-stop shop for all of your device’s essential modifications. With self-opening rankings from IMDb, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes to help you differentiate between the greatest and worst movies.

USE VPN or Un-blockers to Circumvent Restrictions

Smartflix or the pay-for-play Media Hint deceives the website, leaving you to think you’re in a different nation, allowing you to watch thousands of new releases. Even though it isn’t free, Media Hint may be preferable to VPN services like ExpressVPN. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any free VPNs in Canada. We do recommend some tested VPN services here which are:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  •  IPVanish VPN
  • Ghost VPN

Eradicating Pain of Buffering

When it comes to binge-watching purgatory, buffer time is considered a huge nuisance of our existence. Users want a high-quality display and smooth playing movie; this can be done easily by using the described hack. Hold down Shift+Opt and left click to reveal a covert to choose your favorite while playing a movie.

Using Flix Roulette

Do you miss the option to pick from a selection of 4,000 titles before choosing rewatching Parks and Recreation for the tenth time? Flix Roulette is more than just a randomizer. You may choose a movie by inputting directors, actors, and keywords.  

Modifying Titles

Subtitles are a crucial component of your viewing experience. Netflix allows you to customize subtitles by adjusting the hue, size, typeface, and other characteristics and the film’s genre.

Simply go to Account >>>>Profile >>>> Subtitle Appearance to alter them.

Using Rabbit for Online Watching

Rabbit is a fantastic substitute for FaceTime or Skype if you are residing in two different locations and waiting to resume your favorites until your partner returns.

Contrasting the two video presenting services previously mentioned, this application “Rabbit” permits you to launch a viewable window for all chat participants—within that window, you can do anything you want, which consists of streaming your preferred entertainment stuff. So, to put it another way.

Spoiler Aversion by Using Netflix Socks

It’s much more annoying than falling asleep while the episode you’re your favorite show is playing on, only to be alarmed awake on the 11th by a plot revelation that’s quite revealing.

That’s why Netflix socks were created, with an integrated pulse sensing option that stops whatever you’re viewing when you fall asleep, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Use of Netflix Codes

What’s On Netflix has a plethora of obscure genres that would at no time appear while browsing the site’s surface if you’re searching for a show that combines action and romance, or you want to watch something unusual, wild, and fascinating.

The aforementioned methods all require little input and are straightforward to use. They also include easy-to-remember codes that may be appended to the end of a given Netflix URL, taking you directly to paradise.

Refer to REDDIT To Search Best Movies

If you’re not sure what you’re searching for, Reddit’s enormous Internet gold-mine of Netflix is a fantastic starting point. r/NetflixBestOf is a frighteningly active community in the dedicated subreddit /r on which they continue to offer endorsements on famous titles they’ve discovered.

WATCH NETFLIX In Off-Peak Hours to Gain Quality

During off-peak hours, streaming footage may help you better your video quality. When more people were logged into the website at night bingeing, video quality and speed improved significantly. Finally, there’s something to be said about leaving your job and spending some time at home.


Using secret tips and covert codes to get more and more streaming platforms has become a viral trend now, people in Canada, search for the same tactics to improve watching their favorites over Netflix. The tips we have shared are tested and very handy to be implemented. We encourage you to go ahead, use them and get the best out of the streaming service.


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