There are different ways of faxing from Outlook from the use of a fax server to a fax modem. However, the easiest, fastest, and safest way of faxing from Outlook is through an online fax service.

To use this feature, the online fax service provider should support the email to fax feature. If you are looking for where to send a fax from email Outlook, check Google Fax Free.

Send Fax From Outlook

As the most detailed blog on online fax services, Google Fax Free provides information on email to fax services. Click here to check it out. Besides, Google Fax Free provides information on suitable services for such use.

Here, we will show you how to send a fax from Outlook. We will be using one of Google Fax Free’s recommended online fax services.

CocoFax – A revolutionary online fax service

CocoFax is the most popular third-party online fax service that supports email to fax feature. Millions of users across the world trust CocoFax to meet all their faxing needs. It is popular among professionals and businesses.

Also, CocoFax has been a darling of major media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times.

Send Fax From Outlook

With CocoFax, sending and receiving faxes through Outlook makes it convenient for users. What’s more, no need to invest in a traditional fax machine. CocoFax makes it possible to fax on the go.

The service allows you to use any device. It allows you to use a laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone to send and receive faxes. CocoFax has been providing fax services globally which has attracted media outlets like Forbes.

Why you need CocoFax

Since Outlook is designed to function on a digital platform and faxes on electronic lines, they can’t communicate directly. So, here is where CocoFax comes into play. Cocofax translates emails to fax and vice versa.

It makes it possible to fax from Outlook if you have a CocoFax account.

Requirements for faxing from Outlook

To be able to fax from Outlook, you need a few things. Besides having a CocoFax account, you need an internet-enabled device, Outlook account, and fax number.

The internet-enabled device can be running on Windows or Mac OS. It is going to be where the Outlook app is running. Today, the app works on any operating system used on computers and smartphones.

A fax number is necessary for sending and receiving faxes in your Outlook account. Fortunately, you will get it free of charge from CocoFax after signing up for the service.

With these things in place, you are ready to start faxing from Outlook.

How to send a fax from Outlook using CocoFax

The processing of sending a fax from Outlook is very easy through CocoFax. It takes a few simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the official CocoFax website and signup for an account. During the signup process, you can opt for a free trial which lasts 30 days. Also, you will get to choose a custom fax number free of charge.

register cocofax

Ensure you signup with your Outlook email address that you wish to use for sending and receiving faxes.

Step 2: Log in to your Outlook account. Click the New mail to open a new email window.

Step 3: Create new fax using the email window. Fill in the ‘To’ field with the recipient’s fax number followed by For example, if the recipient fax number is 12345 then it should be [email protected]

To add a note to the fax, fill in the Subject field. Also, you can include a cover page by providing the content in the email body section.

What’s more, you can attach files such as pdf, jpg, png, doc, and xls. Feel free to attach multiple files CocoFax will merge them into one file during transmission.

Step 4: Crosscheck if you’ve captured everything then click the Send button. CocoFax will receive the email and translate it into fax then send it to the recipient.

You will receive a notification in your Outlook address indicating if the fax was successfully sent or not. The process of sending faxes from Outlook is that easy with CocoFax. It has never been easier to send faxes.


Thanks to online fax services, faxing has become easier. Today, you can fax from your Outlook account. CocoFax online fax service provides a reliable way to fax using Outlook. Follow the guide shown above.

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