How to Reduce Video Size on Android – Smartphones are currently growing because of continued research and development. Now a smartphone can be multifunctional as well as a communication tool. For example, in the field of photography.

Android phones are on average equipped with cameras that have HD recording quality of 720p to 1080p. With a phone camera in just a few seconds recording will produce a video with a very large size.

Reduce Video Size on Android Without Reducing QualityWhen you try to share the video or upload it to YouTube it will definitely take a long time because of the very large size. Now the solution is to reduce or compress the size of the video without the reduce the video quality.

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Reducing the size of the video usually, people use a PC. But You can now do any photo or video editing activities using Android also. To minimizing the size of the video on android you can follow the following tutorial:

How to Compress Videos on Android without Reducing Quality

To compress videos on Android we need an application called Video Converter. With this application, we will find it easier to reduce the size of the video. For how to use it, refer to the following:

1. First, please install and download the Video Converter application on your android.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Video Converter” ]

2.  Next, open the app and select Video that you want to convert.

3. For selecting, select the video to compress. After that Tik on the column next to it then tap Convert.

select video

4. Next, you need to select the video quality you want to convert.

  • Size– 10-30MB (According to your video duration)
  • Save to _ select folder
  • Codec– 3gp, MP4 or any
  • Other  option as same on the app

5. To continue the Start tap.

6. After that, the compressing process will begin. The compressed file will be stored on Internal> AMC.

So the tutorial how to reduce the size of the video without reducing the quality on Android, hopefully useful.

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