All the candidates keep worrying about the jobs. They feel as if the company finds it very easy to handle the recruitment process. But the bitter truth is they have to work more to get the process done without any mistakes. The firm that recruits employees regularly have to think about the expenses. As hiring is an essential tool for the firm’s growth, compromise with the quality is not the solution. Thus the requirement of various strategies considering the firm’s and employee growth is there.

Recruitment Process


What Does Recruitment Mean?

Recruitment refers to the most critical task of the HR department. It starts from giving the job description, searching the list of candidates suitable for the given post, taking interviews, thinking which one is best suitable for the firm, selectingthe candidate, and finally, the onboarding process. All these duties need to be taken care of by them. Depending on the business’s size, considering the small firm, one or two managers may perform all these tasks. While for medium and large-scale firms, a separate team is there to complete the process successfully. 

According to statistics reports, the time required for filling the entry-level job’s vacancy is within three weeks for 60% of recruiters, but for more than 18%, it takes about a month.

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What Are Different Stages In Recruitment?

Hiring is not a one-go process. Just as proper steps are in need of making the delicious food, the same is applicable over here. Following an appropriate set of steps, you can achieve success. They are- 

  • Recognize The Need For Recruiting

Without having complete knowledge about the vacancy or the need for it is there or not, it is challenging to find the right candidate or even just result in increasing the firm’s budget. Determine the company’s lacking factor, see if the workload is manageable or not with the existing team, check the need in terms of performance all these are some of the aspects to think about before hiring.  

  • Make Precise Description For Job

It is essential to provide an accurate description of the vacancy. It should contain all the necessary information without committing a single mistake as it reflects the company’s level. It must have the firm’s name and a short description about it, job title, post duties, working hours, and benefits. It will help the candidate to determine whether it will be suitable for them or not. 

  • Searching The Right Candidate

It requires many efforts to find the candidate that exactly matches the qualification of the post. To perform the process accurately, the company should use different ways to promote the employee to take the senior employee’s position, motivate employees to spread the news about the opportunity in their group, and record the previous applicants. 

  • Shortlisting Process

For shortlisting the right candidate, different criteria are theirs, like searching the minimum qualification requirement, consider the certification and skills and think which candidate’s potential matches the vacancy prerequisite.  

  • Conducting Interview

In this phase, the shortlisted candidates were calling for the interview. There are several ways for taking the interview, like telephonic, video calling, or face to face at the office premises. For getting selected, the candidate has to pass from the series of questions. By giving answers precisely and confidently you can be the new member of the company. 

  • Offering Job To The Candidate

The candidate that passes the interview phase successfully now receives an offer letter from the company. After checking all the details about the candidate and discussing the policies, the selection process completes. Then the onboarding process starts, which includes verification of their documents like ID cards and educational certificates. 

  • Introducing New Employee To The Firm

The last but crucial step is introducing the employee to the company. They feel nervous to start working in a new environment. By well introducing and developing a friendly nature helps them to get settled earlier. 

How To Make Recruitment More Inexpensive?

For successful completion of the recruitment process without spending much in it and for acquiring the desired output, follow the strategies as shown below-  

  • Develop Frame OF Reference

The company can make use of referrers to find a suitable candidate. The HR people receive an advantage as they can directly get the right candidate for the particular post. It results in much time saving for the firm. They require payment for doing these tasks but thinking about the future advances the investment results in profitable growth. 

  • Online Reputation

While candidates are searching for a job, their first attention for selecting a company is finding the review about the work culture from different sources. Thus to upgrade these processes for getting the most suitable candidate, the firm should try to enthusiast their employees to give positive reviews on online platforms like Glassdoor, Linked In, and MonsterIndia.

  • Create an Advertisement For The Vacancy

Give a clear advertisement for the requirement of the particular post without committing any error. The candidate searching for the job must feel attracted by seeing the job ad of your company. The candidate should be able to understand clearly the skill requirement for the post.  

  • Enhance Recruitment Using Tools

Invest in using advanced tools like ATS(Applicant Tracking System) that improves the hiring process by managing the data accurately. With such devices, the recruitment process becomes more flexible, user-friendly, and time-saving. It attracts the candidate more as the firm is trying to advance the process rather than sticking to the traditional ways.  

  • Take Advantage Of Social Media Platform

Develop the habit of providing updates about the company’s processes on different social media like Facebook and Instagram. Everyone feels addicted to social media, which proves advantageous for the company as they find a platform to advertise the vacancies. When the candidate refers to the opening, they also get information about its daily activities, attracting them more. Linked In is a useful platform to get updates about the recruitment process. 


  • Build Strategies For Long-Term Employee Engagement

Develop an effective working environment that helps motivate the employees and find the place as the growing platform for their future. 

Ways to retain the employees, payroll software for small business proves as a blessing as the workforce feels satisfied with the salary calculation structure.  

It will help the firm in two ways: Firstly, if the employee continues working for a more extended period, there will be exponential growth. Secondly, with an experienced workforce, customer handling can be performed easily. 


Every business considers the recruitment process crucial as it leads to their growth only. But at the same time, it is required to look into the matter of cost too. To manage both situations without reducing the quality of recruitment, consider the strategies mentioned above. Once you have found the employee you have been searching for you will need to look into setting up payments, it may be worth using a company to help generate your monthly paychecks.

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