Find Out a Way to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Are you suspicious of your employees’ activities during work hours or a kid’s activity on the phone? You don’t have to worry much about how to read someone’s text messages without their phone. You’ll usually find an app to read someone else’s text messages on the market today.

Best 3 Spy Apps

Moreover, the average American spends more time on their mobile device than on the Internet. That means there’s much you’d know about someone by accessing their phone. Below is a review of some of the top monitoring software available in the market. Each can help you access someone else’s text messages without physically possessing their device.


mSpy’s one helpful app that can guide you on how to receive someone else’s text messages. mSpy offers a variety of monitoring solutions, in addition to tracking text messages from another phone. You could track the GPS location remotely, access all social media accounts, view browser history, etc.

mSpy is easy to install within 5 minutes on the target device. After buying your preferred subscription plan from mSpy, you’d receive a guide on installing the software. After following the setup instructions, you’re ready to access text messages from another device remotely. It’s relatively straightforward, isn’t it?


  • mSpy alerts users whenever a potentially harmful event is taking place.
  • The app updates you on the target device’s activities every 5 minutes.
  • mSpy ensures maximum data security on the target device.


  • Prospective users have to root an Android or jailbreak the iOS device to enjoy its full monitoring features.



Minspy is one of the monitoring software that can help you keep an eye on targets. This undetectable app lets users see other people’s text from their Control Panel remotely. Furthermore, Minspy offers users a variety of other monitoring features. The app lets you in on contacts, phone calls, and the target device’s browser history.

Minspy currently serves more than 1 million people globally and is accessible from anywhere there’s the Internet. You can access your Control Panel from any web browser and start monitoring your target’s phone activities.

To install Minspy on your kid’s or employees’ device, subscribe to one of the package options. Minspy then sends the new signees a set of instructions for installing the app. After following the instructions, you’d then begin spying on someone’s text messages remotely.


  • This app offers users a family subscription package for tracking 3 devices at once.
  • Minspy is accessible remotely from any phone or computer browser.


  • It isn’t compatible with earlier iOS or Android versions.


XNSPY is another tracker app that assists on how to receive someone else’s text messages remotely. You can monitor your kid’s or employees’ activities closely with this easy-to-use app. It lets you in on phone conversations, social media accounts, and multimedia files. XNSPY offers various monitoring features and works well with all mobile devices.

To install XNSPY, visit their website to purchase a subscription plan of your choice. You’d then follow the prescribed instructions on setting up the app on the target device. On completing the installation, you’re ready to read someone else’s text messages in real-time.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • The app offers advanced monitoring features.


  • Users might have to jailbreak iOS devices to access some of the app’s iOS monitoring features.


We’ve shown you some apps that can assist you in reading someone else’s text messages. You may select any of these options for monitoring your targets. But like most technological software, each product has its own merits and demerits. However, you can always switch between apps if one method doesn’t suit you well.

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