How the Police Track fake Facebook accounts – Fake news, including hate speech, spread very quickly through social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and others. How do I track the Facebook account of the spreader of the hoax? Moreover, the fake account is used.

This kind of news is very disturbing. Moreover, the news is very detrimental to some parties and circles.

Some of the netizens must have difficulty tracking Facebook accounts, besides Facebook itself is very strong in applying privacy to its users.

But it is different from the police, even the hoax news spreader group in the Saracen class that controls high IT can also be tracked and secured by the police.

Although Some group uses VPN (virtual private network ) to spread fake news, they think they will not catch. But Police can.

Police have made a lot of progress in dealing with cyber crimes. As a digitally native generation, the police are now also strengthened by many consultants.

They have authority, networks, technology, infrastructure, expertise, tenacity, to deal with these problems.

Police Track fake Facebook accounts

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How do the police track fake Facebook accounts?

The National Police can track fake Facebook accounts because they have collaborated with Facebook (FB) as an institution that must be subject to the provisions of the law enforcement process in the country where it operates.

The tracking method is as follows.

  1. Without realizing it, Facebook always records all the IPs used for each account, no matter the original or fake. Includes the last location when GPS is active.
  2. Every fake account must be associated (connected) with the original account of the owner. Even if used on 1 computer, usually using one-click login, by pressing the photo profile.
  3. Native IP is also recorded, even if the owner manages several fake accounts using social media management tools like Hootsuite which can combine multiple accounts into one dashboard.
  4. So if there is one fake account that is being hunted, just filter the names of the accounts that use the same IP as the fake account IP.
  5. As a result, an account with an organic pattern is the first suspect suspected of being a fake account owner.
  6. When the owner’s IP account has been obtained, then the National Police only finds out the location of the address through an internet provider.
  7. These internet providers can be mobile operators such as Vodafone, Bsnl, and others. They can also be ISPs
  8. If the IP used is from a cellular operator, the police will ask for the cellphone number associated with the IP from the service provider.
  9. Position tracking can use the triangulation method, the latest GPS location data, or social engineering.
  10. When the perpetrator is caught, all the computation devices (PC, laptop, cellphone) will be confiscated for their contents to be investigated and used as evidence.

So, Now are you Thinking how the Police Track fake Facebook accounts?

Usually, some actors outsmart IP tracking using VPN. The owners of these fake accounts make use of VPNs to protect behind proxies, so that their original IP is not recorded.

In fact, it’s easy to get an IP behind a VPN, either with a white hat or black hat.

With the ability and authority of the police, it is not impossible. Our police are now increasingly sophisticated and easily track fake Facebook accounts by knowing who is the first sender.

Well, still intending to do negative by creating fake accounts for harmful things?

It’s better to think 10 times than to get a crime … !!

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