The following article compares with Both paraphrasing tools are available online as websites. You can rephrase and paraphrase your text however you want using both tools. Let us look at each online tool separately. 

What is

It is a paraphrasing tool website that has been created to paraphrase and rephrase your content to improve its quality and prevent plagiarism. Its paraphrase tool is present on its homepage. You can type or paste the text in the left column and hit the “Paraphrase Now” button. The paraphrased text will appear in the right column.

 The word limit for one-time processing is 1500. If you want to paraphrase a piece of content that is over 1500 words, you need to cut your content into parts. Then you can click on the Copy Text button and paste the rephrased content wherever you want.

Paraphrasing-tool VS In Depth Analysis

Features of

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

The has three modes, i.e. Standard, Fluency, and Creative.

Paraphrasing tool

Standard Mode

Standard mode is the simplest of all. It converts the words from the text into suitable synonyms. It serves as a rewording tool.  These multiple modes are used to rephrase the content at different levels. 

Fluency Mode

The Fluency mode paraphrases the text by intelligently replacing the words with their synonyms and altering the phrases used. As the name suggests, this mode ‘fluently’ alters the text to make it appear as if it were written by a human being.

Creative Mode

It is the most intelligent mode in our paraphrasing tool. It can smartly alter your text so that it appears exclusive and distinct while the context of the original text remains the same. 

Free to Use

Free to Use

This paraphrasing tool is totally free to use. You can rephrase your text an unlimited number of times. 

Plagiarism Remover

It removes plagiarism from your content by paraphrasing and rephrasing the whole text. 

SEO Optimized Content

This paraphrasing tool doesn’t change the keywords to help you keep your content SEO optimized.



This tool is suitable for several types of users including students, writers, teachers, author, bloggers, etc.

What is Online Paraphraser?

The Online Paraphraser is a free paraphrasing tool that converts the content in such a unique way that it enhances its understanding and readability. Its AI-generated texts resemble those of human-written texts. Its paraphrasing tool is present directly on its homepage. It also has a light and dark mode option.

Online Paraphraser

The Online Paraphraser rewrites the text in a very unique way. You can type or paste the text in the space provided. To paraphrase the text, you need to click “Paraphrase Now.” The text is pasted or written in the Original Text box. The paraphrased content appears in the Paraphrased Text box. The word limit for one-time text conversion is 1500. 

Now that you know about both tools, let’s review their features. 

Features of Online Paraphraser

Online Paraphraser has a number of features that makes it the best-suited paraphrasing tool for users.

Features of Online Paraphraser

Paraphrasing on Human Level

The Online Paraphraser changes the text as if it were written by a human. Therefore, the paraphrased text is hard to detect by AI software.  

Paraphrasing Based on AI

The Online Paraphraser tool is created by using the best AI algorithm, which makes it the best among the tools available. 

Keeps the Original Meaning

The Online Paraphraser tool comprehends the text provided by you and does not change the original meaning of the content. 

Time Saving

The Online Paraphraser converts the text in no time hence your time is saved. 


The Online Paraphrase Tool can also be used as a sentence rephraser, which means it can rephrase your sentences by changing the structure of the sentences. 

Content Protection

The content that you provide on the website is not recorded by the paraphrasing tool. Hence, your content is safe and protected.  

Text Rephraser for Social Media

To avoid copyright issues on social media, you can use this tool to rephrase your text and upload it on social media.

Preserves Technical Terms

The AI of this paraphrasing tool detects the technical terms used in the text and helps to keep them unchanged. 


AI is developing rapidly in content creation. New intelligent tools exist that make content creation simple, quick, and useful. Both online tools deliver what they claim and you can use both according to your requirement. 

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