You may have heard of no wager and no deposit bonuses. These are not very common in the online gambling realm but they do exist. For comparison, almost all casinos will offer welcome bonus match promotions. A handful of the sits will offer no wager or no deposit bonuses as well. The real question is which type of bonus is better for you? To get the answer, you need to know about the basics, pros, and cons of both types.

No Wager or No Deposit Promotions What Is Better For Players

No Wager Bonuses Explained

No wager bonuses are precise as you can assume. They come without wagering requirements. Most of the time the casino will have wagering requirements applied to the bonus. So, if you get a 100% bonus match which is worth $100 and the wagering requirement is 10 times, you will have to bet $1000 before you can withdraw. Keep in mind that wagering requirements can apply to the bonus funds only, or the total sum ($200 in this case). They are between 34 times and 90 times.

This applies to almost any bonus the casino will have to offer. Free spins can have lower wagering requirements while no deposit bonuses typically have much higher. If you claim a casino bonus without wagering requirements you can play, win and withdraw the funds almost instantly. There is no rule saying you have to deposit more or bet a specific amount first. This is great. These offers still have a lot of pros and cons and we must list them.

No Wager Bonuses: Pros

When it comes to advantages the main one is already mentioned. You can win and withdraw the winnings instantly. It is that simple. This makes the bonus completely free and also allows you to test the casino, games, and more for free as well. No wager bonuses are more common than the second type here which makes them even more appealing. The offers are not high but they are not very low either.

No Wager Bonuses: Cons

There are some cons here. First of all, these bonuses are still small so don’t expect 300 free spins as a wager bonus offer. They are usually reserved for just one game or pre-selected games and must be used within a few days or 24 hours. Some of the offers are available for a short period of time so unless you use it in time, the bonus will be removed from the online casino where you wanted to gamble. 

No Deposit Bonuses Explained

These offers have been some of the most appealing for a long time. You will get the promo as soon as you become a member of the casino. You don’t have to deposit funds, obviously and there is no need to do anything else. Keep in mind that you may have to verify the account first, which is common and not a complicated thing. A casino will have these offers listed first on the promotions page most of the time due to the overall appeal. 

No deposit bonuses are rare but can be available at your favourite casino. You can typically choose between free spins and a small amount of money. For example, the casino may offer you 10 free spins for a specific game. Yes, once you have used a no-deposit bonus you can deposit funds and you can claim a deposit bonus the casino offers. It is important to add that no deposit promotions do come with wagering requirements. They are very high compared to regular bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses: Pros

There are a few perks here. The main one why such offers are a good idea is because you can play games at the casino without investing anything. You can get free spins or a small amount of money from the casino and use that to win real money. Most players like these offers due to the fact they can check out a casino for free and then they can invest and get more from the casino if they like it.  In addition, these offers have been very common among beginners and players who want to play at a new online casino. 

No Deposit Bonuses: Cons

No deposit offers come with some downsides as well. The main one is the fact that these offers are rare and they are always available to new players only. They are small in value as well so winning millions is not realistic but theoretically possible. Then we can see that no deposit offers usually come with higher wagering requirements hence you will have to bet a lot more if you want to withdraw the winnings. There is no need to add that no deposit bonuses come linked to just one game or a few games only. 

The Final Word

So, which type of bonus is better for you? Well, there are a lot of guides that describe every option, but it depends on what you want from the casino and how you want to get that. No wager bonuses may be appealing to players who are looking to deposit first and use the bonus afterwards. No deposit bonuses are ideal for beginners and players who want to play at the casino for free and still be able to win real money. But, those players are still planning to deposit funds afterwards and get even more from the casino. 

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