Marketing strategies have been steadily changing their approaches with technological advances. But when these marketing techniques merge with a product’s branding, marketing techniques require a more thorough check.

Creating marketing content for a particular brand is not limited to creating high-quality and engaging content. The brand videos need to stay relevant to an ever-crowded market through their emotional connection and reliability. With the recent boom in IGTV, Insta reels and stories, and other social networking platforms, online marketing’s plausible platforms have presented several opportunities.

Video Marketing

Listed down below are a few cue points that will aid in creating a more impactful branded video: 

1. Find Your Audience:

Your idea should reach a wide audience for your video to get maximum engagement. Hence, focus on building your marketing idea based on the audience you aim to engage based on their gender, age, demography, and social strata. 

For example, making an attractive advertisement on baby dresses and targeting teenage students for the same will easily backfire. 

2. Find The Perfect Voice And Sounds

A lot of people are swayed when it comes to the sounds they hear. These kinds of things can have a huge impact on the decisions that potential customers and clients make. If the sounds in the video aren’t very attractive, the viewers will have a hugely different opinion of everything that it entails.

Even seemingly insignificant noises can play a huge part in how one feels when watching. If you are speaking over the video, it’s wise to record a voice over using a professional speaker or somebody who has a powerful and impactful voice. A timid and weak voice can almost sound as though the business is not as convinced as it needs to be in order to sell.

3. Connect the Story with the Customer:

 Your product should instantly connect with your consumer base. Thus, it needs to be advertised in a similar manner. 

While creating a brand video, the main emphasis is to enhance and uphold the product’s value that you are providing to the consumer. And the video should remove the doubts and apprehension about the brand while making the product appealing. Thus, the video is not just exclusive for sales, but also for creating awareness.

For maximum reach to the audience, you can use techniques like intriguing questions, funny videos, compelling stories, or colorful edits. These methods can creatively channel your idea to the people.

4. Choose the Right Tools

The next step is to put these thoughts on paper and materialize them into a proper script. Having a precise blueprint for even a thirty-second video ad will nudge the idea in the right direction, making the outcome look professional and clean. 

Nowadays, using a smartphone camera and tripod, videos can be made easily. But to get the best outcome, investing in a good microphone and a quality lighting set-up is the best idea, as they will bring out an outstanding quality to the picture and sound for the video. 

Through editing, the whole outlook of a video transforms into a captivating outcome. The color tone, merging of clips, background music, and template create a perfect video. Ensuring the video’s consistency with previous advertisements in the brand colour and tone will allow the brand’s smooth reception among the customers; setting up such familiarity will establish a loyal customer base. Applications like InVideo can help the videos look more polished through easy video editing tools and creatively affable templates in various categories. 

5. Create the Hook:

The first few seconds of a video are crucial; an attractive beginning will instantly hook the viewer. However, if the viewer is unable to find the video compelling within the first few seconds, they will leave. To hook the audience, you can make use of questions or interesting teasers to grab their attention. 

 The first few seconds need to ensure to present the brand’s idea interesting to captivate the attention of the right audience and maintain the curiosity level. Thus, every second counts in a marketing video; therefore, the video needs to be crisp, compelling, and informative.

 6. Text for Increasing Traffic:

Colorful visuals, texts, graphics, and sounds, make the video more appealing to the audience. Always add text to the video to capsule the whole idea of the video in a crisp tone. Click here for more.

Attaching text to the video in different fonts, with relevant keywords, it aids in creating an optimized SEO as well as garnering a vast customer base. Because search engines cannot decipher the dialogues and graphics within the video, a well-formatted text will bring in significant traffic. 

 Moreover, the text description provides a CTA for the audience. It urges the audience to purchase or get more details about the product by directing the audience to the right link.  

7. Seek the Right Platform:

Once the video is formatted properly, the next step is to seek the right platforms to reach your target audience. Publishing the video only on your website will substantially decrease your customer base. 

Planning a video distribution method on different platforms can be convenient while deciding the perfect sites for promoting the videos. For example, suppose you have a large social circle on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This will automatically ensure strong traffic to the video, thus bringing in a large crowd for your brand. 

 Please keep in mind that each site handles videos differently; thus, a high-quality video with meta descriptions based on each particular platform will garner heavy traffic.


A simple and short video may not be enough to bring the required traffic or interest in your brand. Software like InVideo will make sure that your brand stands out by helping you to add logos to the video online. 

Because video marketing is not about visual presentation of the products; it requires creating an organic connection between your brand and your customers.2

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