Knowing how to gain profit is vital since you need to spend money on developing a mobile game. You would want to earn back the expenses you’ve paid to ensure the continuity of your application. But, how can you make profits in mobile games?

The mobile game industry is a large market, with thousands of releases annually. While the top-ranking applications may earn massive amounts of profit, it can be the opposite for the games that did not perform well.

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Thus, knowing how to gain profits is essential in developing a mobile game. The profitability can either decide whether you can continue or stop operating your application. Below are the six things you have to know in making profitable mobile games.

1. Hiring Game Testers

Testing is vital in every mobile application. Why? It is because an excellent user experience is essential when playing the game. Testers help avoid any bugs in the application, and it makes the users keep playing because of the fantastic user experience.

Remember that having an excellent user experience can mean more profits because they enjoy playing the mobile game. Therefore, you need to hire professional teams like QAwerk that offer game testing services for an enjoyable user experience.

2. Know Your Target Demographics

Like in business, you need to keep in mind your target demographic when developing a mobile application. This way, you will be able to cater to what a player wants in a game and make their spendings justifiable.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding on a target demographic:

  • What is the age bracket of the players?
  • Is the game mainly for men or women?
  • What is the genre and theme of the game?
  • Is the game more action-based or something else?


By knowing the answers to the questions above, you will be able to identify your target demographic. You will be able to develop the game with the target players in mind, cater to their needs, and gain profits in return.

3. Limit Advertisements

Sudden and repetitive advertisements are one thing that most players hate in a mobile application. Why? It’s because it disrupts the enjoyable experience, especially when it happens frequently.

Most of us know that advertisements enable us to gain money and increase profits. While that is understandable, players might leave the game when it occurs too much and leave bad feedback. When people stop playing, you might lose profits, and you have to prevent that from happening. 

However, there is still a way to insert advertisements in your game without interrupting the enjoyable playing experience. You can do it by offering an extra credit (or any valuable item in the game) in exchange for seeing a few advertisements.

For example, you can offer 100 credits for every five advertisements they watch. Players can use these credits to purchase a rare item on your game. That way, it will encourage them to view ads while also earning money for your mobile application.

4. Selling In-Game Items and Premium Passes

Selling in-game items is another way of earning money and gaining profits. However, these items should be valuable and beneficial for the players. You wouldn’t want to purchase anything without any reason, would you?


For example, you can give a unique item to those who purchase a premium pass on your game. Players want the perks that come when purchasing the item. Thus, there should be a reason why a person should buy an in-game product in your application.

5. Enhance Security

Hacks and cheats are rampant in every kind of game, including mobile applications. If players do these in your game, you may risk losing profits for your mobile application since they can access premium items and earn free credits.

To prevent this problem, ensure that your mobile game is secure and hackers cannot cheat the application. Inform them that there will be consequences if they wouldn’t follow the rule, such as banning accounts or limited access to the game.

6. Listen to User Feedbacks

User feedback is essential in mobile game development. It helps you improve the application and gather ideas for the next update. Listening to feedback also helps you earn profit since you can cater to their needs, resulting in more profits.

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