To improve the visibility of your website, most marketers refer to SEO link building. To take the most out of this SEO technique, think of the link building plan first. This article provides pieces of advice on how to do that and comprises a comprehensive guide to link building from scratch. As a part of the content marketing strategy, proper link building ensures high positions on Google, which naturally results in better website traffic.

Link Building

What is SEO link building and why is it necessary?

Even if you do not know much about search engine optimization yet, you have probably heard something about link building. The name of this technique tells for itself – the backlinks coming to your website form up a support construction for it. Meanwhile, the process of gaining such backlinks is called link building and is similar to putting bricks when building a wall.

Webmasters and marketers usually dedicate plenty of time to creating a deliberate link-building plan. There is a reason for that because a strong backlink profile with a number of reputable incoming links has a positive impact on the website ranking. Google adds points to the domain authority when credible online resources mention your brand and link back to your website.

Sometimes, the importance of link building is disregarded or even neglected. There might be reasons for that when marketers do not aim to attract visitors online but rely on other marketing channels. However, the opportunities provided by the digital environment can’t be ignored. Thus, driving traffic to the website owing to link building is something webmasters should benefit from.

If you are taking your first steps in search engine optimization, watch an SEO link-building tutorial online. That way you could learn more about the benefits of link building and get valuable pieces of advice from experts.

The importance of the preliminary link building plan

Before launching any SEO link building activities, you need to elaborate on the marketing strategy first and develop a link building plan based on it. Include a checklist of things that need to be done before you initiate SEO link building. Those could be the website domains from which you plan to get backlinks, for example.

The creation of such a plan also allows for estimating the budget for link building and define the number of backlinks needed. Once you have a link building plan ready, it would be much easier to start implementing predefined activities.

A Comprehensive Guide for Link Building in 2021

It might be very tempting to gain dozens of backlinks at once to get the website to the Google top quickly. As search engines are very smart today, they tend to recognize any kind of illicit backlinking activity. That is why you have to be smart and careful within your link building strategy. To take the best of this SEO technique, follow several recommendations below.

Traditional SEO link building techniques

Free backlinks

If you have high-quality content, creative automation along announcements on social media about it, then most likely someone else will link back to your website for free. Very often, webmasters will not even know about that without dedicated tools designed for tracking and analyzing the backlink profile.

When other online resources link back to your website, that is truly amazing, but the amount of those backlinks is usually not sufficient to enhance the website ranking considerably.

Reciprocal links

Several years ago, SEO link building usually included an email outreach campaign. Webmasters contacted other online resources and websites for the sake of asking to link back to their website. Instead, they offered to place a link to that online platform on their websites as well.

Such activity is still common, however, modern SEO tools have helped to automate its bigger part that required much more time before.

Paid links

Writing outreach emails is time-consuming, however, it takes even more time to find the right website to refer to. In this case, getting paid backlinks would be salvation. To learn more about the benefits, check this website to get in touch with other online platforms that could embed the backlink to your website immediately.

Relevancy of backlinks

When creating link building articles and blogs, it is very important to pay attention to both incoming and outgoing links. Once you choose relevant links that will lead to your website, Google will not have any doubts about them.

Otherwise, the backlinks from online resources that are not related to your commercial activity will make search engines hesitant. This may cause additional checks by Google reviewers, which might result in penalties if there are any irrelevant backlinks associated with your website domain.

White-hat and black-hat link building

The strategies for link building might slightly differ for various types of websites. However, all the links should be gained in a fair and honest as mentioned at, which is also known as the white-hat link building technique.

In case backlinks are obtained from unauthorized resources or created by the means of automation, this strategy is called black-hat link building. In such cases, Google algorithm could easily detect that and ban your website. As a result, its ranking might drop dramatically and it will be very difficult to recover it further.

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