Kuku FM Premium Subscription Free – Almost everyone knows about Kuku FM’s, new popular audio content platform. Hi guys, As you know, it’s not a free Platform and you need to pay for this service. So In this article, We will share some best tricks and also Coupon codes to get a Kuku FM premium subscription for free. On the Internet, You will find various tricks to get a premium Kuku FM Subscription but non of them work. But here We will share 100% working method.

Kuku Fm Premium Subscription For Free

More About Kuku FM

Kuku FM is a Popular Audio content platform. They provide a huge selection of audio content, including audiobooks, podcasts, and radio shows. Here are some of its features:

  1. Wide range of Audio Content: Kuku FM offers a huge range of audio content in different languages. The platform has partnered with numerous content creators to provide a range selection of content for its users.
  2. User-friendly interface: Kuku FM has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access and find content for its users. The KukuFm app and site are easy to navigate, and users can easily search for and browse content by category, language, or keyword.
  3. Download & Offline playback: Kuku FM allows users to download the audio for offline playback, which is a great feature for those users who have limited data.
  4. Personalized recommendations: Kuku FM uses an algorithm to recommend content based on a user’s listening history and preferences. This feature ensures that users are always presented with relevant content and helps them discover new content that they may be interested in.
  5. Affordable pricing: Kuku FM offers its users affordable pricing options, including a monthly and yearly subscription. The platform also provides users with the option to purchase content on a pay-per-listen basis.

Overall, Kuku FM is a user-friendly platform that provides a diverse selection of audio content at affordable prices. Its personalized recommendations, offline playback, and social sharing features make it a popular platform.

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How to Get a Kuku FM subscription for free Using Jio App

It is possible to obtain a free subscription to Kuku FM through the MyJio app. Follow the steps below to access the free Kuku FM subscription offer:

  1. At First Download & Install the MyJio app on your Smart Phone
  2. Nest To login into the Jio app by your registered JIO number
  3. Now Open the Jio App and search the “JioEngage” Tap there kuku fm jio tricks
  4. You will have some points there, click on the Points tab If you don’t have any, Just Play some games and collect at least 5 points.
  5. Scroll down below &  Select Other Offer stores
  6. There, you can see KukuFM 1 month premium subscription in just 5 points deal
  7. Now Tap Burn 5 points and again Tap Same Burn 5 Pointsjio kuku FM offer for 5 points
  8. Next, Go to the My Winnings Section and Copy the code
  9. Now download & Install the KukuFM app from the play store
  10. Register or login into your account & click on the premium tab
  11. Redeem the Kuku FM Premium Subscribtion code from the MyJio app
  12. Next Pay only ₹1 charge and you are successfully subscribed premium plan.
  13. Enjoy The Kuku Fm premium subscription for free.

Kuku FM subscription for free Using Flipkart Supercoins

One way to get a free Kuku FM subscription is through Flipkart Supercoins. However, you must first have enough supercoins in your Flipkart account to avail of this promotion. If you do, follow the instructions below to receive a one-year Kuku FM subscription for free using Supercoins:

  1. Download and sign in to the Flipkart App.
  2. Navigate to the “Flipkart Plus” area of the app.
  3. Find the “Kuku FM subscription offer” priced at 149 supercoins.kuku FM flipkart supercoin offer
  4. Claim the offer and save the coupon code you receive.
  5. Copy the Kuku FM 100% OFF discount code from Flipkart Supercoins and paste it into the Kuku FM app.

Kuku FM Free Coupon Code

Here Are some Kuku Fm Free coupon codes, to redeem and enjoy.

  1. Login>>Buy Plan >>Apply Code
  2. Pay Re 1, and make sure to turn off auto-renewal


  1. FKCT34E91
  2. FKIO15D24
  3. FKDE62Y18
  4. FKHO38H71
  5. FKOS58C88
  6. FKBQ94O34
  7. FKWO89F42
  8. FKXO72B92
  9. FKON77B68
  10. FKJY45N15
  11. FKRK28T15
  12. FKFN42N76
  13. FKKD93T71
  14. FKCJ85H17
  15. FKTE75P56
  16. FKDM97D81
  17. FKXB31L92
  18. FKXD88P32
  19. FKPP56H76
  20. FKMS46N64
  21. FKXF35J17
  22. FKTT45M92
  23. FKQS44X62
  24. FKWR47E63
  25. FKQS76B34
  26. FKNE34D52
  27. FKSM43I66
  28. FKQC83T71
  29. FKJL71L51
  30. FKHV46S85
  31. FKLC46L35
  32. FKEI97R43
  33. FKCE28H16
  34. FKYL27R25
  35. FKQR81C78
  36. FKXQ58F19
  37. FKWP18X19
  38. FKFR54S76
  39. FKDB73D75
  40. FKHJ18R91
  41. FKDN42S19
  42. FKRK72O66
  43. FKXH23J53
  44. FKEV25E75
  45. FKYQ21J35
  46. FKKX83M98
  47. FKVK38Q73
  48. FKRI14M56
  49. FKLR23V73
  50. FKQO93E66
  51. FKKP14H92
  52. FKOF61H34
  53. FKLV93C31
  54. FKPX46F12
  55. FKTT85M88
  56. FKHS22Y48
  57. FKJR55O49
  58. FKPQ46R55
  59. FKPQ78O37
  60. FKYM55O15
  61. FKHY22B88
  62. FKPP31H31
  63. FKQM73R65
  64. FKMT79H53
  65. FKSE14V74
  66. FKRO41K81
  67. FKTK69B93
  68. FKWB79O42
  69. FKFH77R53
  70. FKPQ82E33

At The End

In summary, the above information outlines the most effective techniques to obtain a Kuku FM Premium Subscription for free or at a reduced cost. Kuku FM is a highly renowned audio-based learning platform that features an extensive range of content, including book summaries, podcasts, stories, and more. The service is available in multiple languages, including Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, and others.

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