Onboarding is the process of getting in new hires to know the organization and the work culture. The process begins right when the offer has been made by the employer to the candidate. In simple terms, it is the process where the organization puts in a combined effort to make the new hire comfortable with the organization and its culture by creating an environment where the new hires are able to communicate and interact freely.

The process requires the new hires to fill out the paperwork necessary for the labour law compliance and the organization needs to equip them with tools that they require to do their respective jobs.

The Process of Employee Onboarding

The process technically begins when the employment offer is accepted by the candidate.

The following are the steps that come after the offer has been accepted

Providing Information About The Company

Providing information about the company, its policies, and benefits on the first day is very important as it helps in familiarizing the new hire with the policies of the company. It should include materials for training and information about compliance, tax liabilities, insurance.

Provide Clarity on the Role

Providing information related to the role of the new hire is vital in the process of onboarding. This information should be given within the first month on the job and the process should start even before the new hire comes for his first day. This can be done by giving him an idea about what the organization stands for when the managers or the HR is handing over the offer letter to the candidate.

Facilitation of Training

This is the initial stage of a long onboarding process which takes over 6 months. The training process can be started even before the new hire comes for his first day by sending him/her basic training materials related to their role.

Explain About The Organizational Culture

It is the role of the HR/managers to explain the work culture in their organization to the new hires. This is basically letting the candidate know that the company is goal-oriented.

Introducing Them To The Other Teams

This is one of the most vital aspects of onboarding, getting the new hire familiar with the people he/she will be working with. This can be done by conducting activities and by going out on team outings/lunch.

Using Employee Onboarding Checklist

An employee onboarding checklist in one of the most efficient ways of ensuring that all the steps in the employee onboarding process are being followed. It makes sure that the onboarding process is hassle-free and scheduled.

Onboarding SolutionsCan The Onboarding Process Be Made Easier?

In a fast-paced world such as this, there are ways to make almost any task easy and efficient.

There are HR onboarding solutions that one can use like using HR onboarding software and applications. Onboarding software makes the onboarding process much easier and efficient by facilitating a smooth transition to the candidates. Onboarding software help managers track and manage the progress of the new hire, also it makes communication much easier. There are even HR onboarding application available for mobile phones.

Benefits of Onboarding Softwares and Apps

There are many benefits to installing the hr onboarding applications or the software, listed below are a few of them

Eliminating Paperwork

Typically in the onboarding process, there is a lot of paperwork involved. By using the software and application the need for paperwork is eliminated by making it all digital and this helps in keeping all the information in one place.

Background Checking

Background checks are extremely important and this process can be made easier with the use of the applications or the software as it would all be done in just a few clicks. Once the candidate has authorized the check the respective managers will receive an update and will also get the updates when the checks are done.

Time Management

Onboarding software, especially the HR onboarding application on mobile ensures the timely delivery of updates, messages, and notification during the onboarding process and helps the new hire get familiar with all the teams he/she will be working with.

Automated Workflow

HR onboarding software will help the organization in setting up an automated workflow for the new hire by defining the role and by setting up deadlines and reminders for the new hire with specific instructions

Progress Reports

Onboarding software will allow the managers of the organization to track and manage the progress of the new hire in the onboarding process.


The use of HR onboarding applications and software eliminates the possibility of man-made errors.

Digital Solutions

The use of HR onboarding applications and software digitalizes everything, with the use of the mobile application the data will be accessible anytime which means the organization can track and manage the progress from anywhere.


The use of onboarding software and applications helps new hires know the relevant laws and regulations.

Automated Updates

The respective authorities are updated about the authorization of the background check as soon as the new hire approves it, they also receive updates when the check is complete. Throughout the process of onboarding, the organization will receive updates about the progress of the new hire.


The process of onboarding is very vital to an organization and there are several hr onboarding solutions that help in making the process easier.

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