How to Get the Mobilabonnement Pris

Arriving in Norway requires that one of your first priorities is getting a mobile subscription plan. Norway’s telecommunications market is highly competitive and each telecom operator uses different strategies to entice new customers.

Knowing how to find the best price on mobile subscription is therefore essential, and these tips should help!

What to Look For in a Mobile Network

When choosing a mobile network, it’s important to consider more than just data or phone type. Coverage, reliability and cost should all be taken into account before making your selection.

Coverage is of utmost importance when selecting mobile networks; having the perfect phone will mean nothing if its use is restricted due to poor coverage in your area. You can visit for more information.

Mobile networks operate by using radio waves to transfer signals between cell sites (known as base stations) and your phone, using limited, shared frequencies. In order to maximize coverage, modern network providers use multiple cells based on geographic areas; cell size varies based on factors like base station density in an area and terrain characteristics.

First generation mobile networks enabled voice calls and SMS at speeds up to 50 Kbps; subsequent generations increased that maximum speed to 3Mbps while providing GPS navigation, video calling, and internet browsing. The beste networks for modern users will allow access to all of these services and more. There are several mobile service providers that have varying packages available.

In the next section, we’ll take a look at some of these options.

How to Get the Mobilabonnement Pris


Talkmore is an affordable mobile network operator offering data bundles at an impressive value.

Their contracts range from 2 GB to 7 GB of internet data usage per month, valid across the EU. They even have an easy mobile app for purchasing subscriptions directly. Plus they have call packages tailored specifically for you, along with fast and friendly customer service!

Airtel Talkmore offers you 500% extra airtime on every recharge, making this package the best way to reduce phone bill expenses and stay connected at lower rates.

This provider offers bundles that are valid for 30 days and can be used for voice, SMS and data usage – you can even make international calls to the USA, Canada, China and India using this bundle!

These bundles can be purchased both offline and online, offering customers free prepaid SIM cards for their subscription. You can click here to learn more about SIM, or Subscriber Identity Model. However, it’s essential that you read all terms and conditions associated with each bundle to ensure you understand its costs and potential advantages.

Talkmore is designed to allow users to make calls between local networks in Nigeria and international destinations at any one time. Furthermore, it offers internet browsing at N51.2 per MB at your own expense.

Lyca Mobile

Lyca Mobile is one of the world’s largest MVNOs and best known for providing international calling at unbeatably low prices. They currently hold 16 million customers worldwide with one joining every two seconds; additionally they use EE’s 4G network which covers over 1,000 towns and cities.

Lyca’s SIM Only plans offer unlimited data at a reasonable rate, making them somewhat less competitive than many other networks, but they do provide international minutes and the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time – something most networks only permit with more costly plans. All its 30-day bundles include 5G speeds at no additional charge.

The company offers long term plans, which last between three and 12 months and provide an affordable way of accessing an iPhone or other high-end smartphones if they will be used regularly for extended periods. These options can be beneficial when trying out something like Netflix on an iPad.

Lyca provides more than mobile phone plans – it also offers TV, Internet and insurance as part of the wider Lyca Group. Recently it announced a multimillion pound investment that will expand their product offering while improving user experiences.

Lyca will implement AI-powered CVM solutions across its seven largest markets to maximize Customer Lifetime Value through personalized interactions, developed by Flytxt and Salesforce.

These AI solutions will use actionable customer and product insights for customer data collection, analytics and orchestration across channels – as well as significant enhancements in its customer service operations due to acquisitions such as Telenor and MTS; further improvements were also implemented as a result of new acquisitions such as Nokia Bell Labs.


Telio is one of Norway’s premier providers, offering a range of services including unlimited calling, texting and data packages.

Their excellent customer service team can be reached round-the-clock; furthermore their plans are affordable with multiple additional benefits included in each plan.

Telio’s new MVNO agreement with OBOS expands their offering by adding broadband and mobile phone services, increasing competitiveness across business and residential markets alike. Telio has already launched fixed and mobile broadband services for businesses in Norway.

Subscription to Telio Telecom’s Service can be made by private individuals aged 18 years or over, as well as corporate bodies. Users must immediately inform Telio Telecom of any change to their name or address as well as any changes to the equipment that has been leased for using their services.

Furthermore, users are responsible for ensuring no unauthorized person gains access to additional services invoiced over and above their subscription.

It is important to read the user agreements for any mobile service provider you are considering; this can help you make an informed decision. You can also consult with customer service with any questions you have prior to signing. If they can’t answer your questions, consider going elsewhere.


If you plan on staying for some time in Norway, your options for mobile phones are many.

Telia and Telenor both offer excellent coverage; pre-paid plans from either are an excellent way to go. Take the time to compare offers from each provider before choosing what best meets your needs – if English isn’t your native tongue then find out which website offers such access; that will make things simpler for you!

Opensignal’s analysis of mobile network performance in Norway has uncovered Telenor as the clear leader when it comes to overall coverage experience, consistency and download speed experience, as well as winning 5G Video Experience jointly.

Telenor is one of the more costly prepaid options in Norway, but thanks to a wonderful roaming agreement with Telia in all Nordic countries, you can save money when travelling abroad. Their SMART Kontant Mikro prepaid product comes in bundles from 250MB-6GB with each plan lasting 31 days; shorter bundles may be added for express trips if needed.

Telenor recently made headlines when they announced they will offer unlimited data plans with their prepaid subscriptions, making this service even more appealing for travellers who need access to their phones without worrying about data usage.

These subscriptions also come equipped with Telenor’s new security services Orden and Nettvern+ that enable travellers to store sensitive information on their phone such as notes or images stored within their camera roll. Lastly, Orden also blocks malicious links, protecting users against phishing attacks.

Finding the right mobile plan for you requires some research. Taking the time to do this will help ensure you find a plan that meets your needs at a fair price.

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