Along with the familiar to many “oldies” – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, younger cryptocurrencies are available to investors.  If at first the supporters of investing in virtual funds experienced certain problems with their purchase and exchange, today special services can solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

The crypto exchanger is an excellent example of a site that allows you to online convert one type of cryptocurrency to another.  Dynamic rate change, the complete absence of limits (for large amounts, the transaction time may increase), clear interface – everything is done here for the convenience of the investor.  There is also a special loyalty program for partners, so you already know the fast way to work in the cryptocurrency market.  It’s time to move on to the feasibility of such an investment.

exchange BTC

You need to immediately understand that it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks when buying a cryptocurrency.  Even the most stable coins can lead to a complete loss of invested funds; it is another matter that the likelihood of such a development of events is extremely small.

Only after considering all the advantages and disadvantages of the approach, familiarizing yourself with the market indicators in a specific period of time, analyzing the opinions of experts, you can make an informed decision. What are anonymous crypto exchanges? – there is never too much anonymity

 In this article, we will tell you about the leader among anonymous providers – the online cryptocurrency exchange

If you are ready to buy cryptocurrency, then you need to do it strictly in accordance with certain rules.  Investments must be planned and invested wisely.  Creating a wallet with an address is mandatory and will not take a lot of time.

You can buy the cryptocurrency you are interested in after registering on a specialized exchange – choose popular resources.  After the purchase, many advise transferring the coin to offline storage in order to exclude the possibility of hacking and theft of investments.  Investing in an optimal currency from the point of view of market capitalization will help reduce risks.  These cryptocurrencies today meet these requirements:

  •  Bitcoin;
  •  Ethereum;
  •  Litecoin.

 How to convert LTC to BTC

Select the coins to be exchanged.  For example, you want to exchange LTC for BTC, for this on the left in the exchange window you enter LTC and the amount, on the right select BTC, the exchanger calculates the rate.  If the course suits you and you agree, click the exchange button.

  In the next window, you enter the address of your BTC wallet, where funds will be sent after the exchange.

  At this stage, our platform provides you with the wallet address to which you must send the required amount of LTC.

  After we receive your tokens, the exchange process begins, we select the best conditions among the exchanges and exchange LTC for BTC for you.

  We have sent the required amount of BTC to your wallet and provided you with all the details of the exchange.  If you want to repeat the exchange, then just click “Restart exchange”. also has an affiliate program for partners:

  •     Each partner receives a 0.0005 BTC welcome bonus from our platform upon registration. 
  •     You also have the opportunity to earn from 0.45 to 0.6% commission from each exchange that will be carried out through your affiliate link.
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