If you are playing keno, you will be offered many bonuses as a part of promotions. As we know, keno is infamous for its house edge, and you should claim and use casino bonuses to make sure that you lose less. Bonuses can help you beat the house edge a little.

Want to win at an online keno game on Bet way? Read our tips.

1. Make good use of bonuses

To find some generous bonuses, you will have to hunt a little. But make sure that you start playing only when you come across some worthy bonuses. However, not all popular virtual casinos offer keno. You will likely find keno only in some niche sites or the sites that offer special games. So, you will need to find a genuine, licensed casino.

Let’s not forget the welcome bonus. At the time you sign up at a new Casino, you will receive a hefty bonus. This is the best of many play strategies!

2. Try playing keno for free

Before you decide to bet real money, it would be smarter to test the water a little. Especially if you are new to keno, then you should play a few rounds for free. Many of the casinos let the keno players try a demo for free before or after signing up.

This has multiple benefits. You get to know the game better, and you can decide if this game is for you. You can try out some strategies without losing any bankroll. Besides, if you have signed up at a new Casino, you can test the game and see if it runs smoothly on your device.

And lastly, if you do enjoy keno, you can start playing it for real.

3. Do not fall for patterns

Let me tell you a bitter truth – there is no such thing as lucky numbers. Whether you are playing keno online or offline, there are no hot or cold numbers. And all the numbers have the same probability of showing up. You will find here that there are no hot or cold digits either. That is just a pattern developed by some players like you and me.

4. Stay away from the Gambler’s Fallacy

Just because you haven’t won anything in a while, don’t start believing that you deserve to win. Many players (like you and me) believe that they deserve to win, or something big is coming their way just because they are on a losing streak. This is termed as Gambler’s Fallacy.

This is not true; nothing big is coming your way. If you have lost too many games in a row, stop playing. Do not wait till you have exhausted your bankroll.

How do I win the keno top prize?

To bag the lottery or the topmost prize in a keno game, you will have to hit all the 15 (or 20) numbers you pick. In case you pick 6 numbers and hit them all, then you can win a substantial amount.

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