In this article, I will give you some tips and tricks that will either improve your experience in Free Fire or give you a better understanding of the game.

garena free fire tips

Is Garena Free Fire worth it?

Among other things, yes. It’s a fun time-waster with lots of mission modes, skins to collect, and weapons to use/unlock. It has a PvP mode where you will fight against actual players from around the world which can be exciting when you win but brutal when they win. And sometimes battle royale style PvP is just more fun than playing against bots all the time.

Are there any mods for Garena Free Fire?

Yes, there are many Garena Free Fire Mod Apk available which you have to download from the internet & put in your Free Fire directory under obb/com.dts.freefireth, & hit Play. You can get many Mod Features Like Aimbot, ESP, Auto Lock Aim, No Recoil, Auto Kill, Unlimited Diamonds, Flying Cars, etc.

Best Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks of 2021

Well then, now here are some tips & tricks that will definitely help you play Garena Free Fire Game:

1- The best place to go: the PvP arena. You can get a load of coins & EXP by just fighting against other players while you upgrade your weapons at the same time. If you win, even better! You could get some diamonds or skins!

2- Use the t-shirts to your advantage. They don’t just give you bragging rights. Their heals are also slightly stronger than the other clothes’ healing abilities which are useful in battles where there’s heavy fire like hvz, h1z1, or general free for alls.

3- If you and your friends happen to be in the same room, use voice chat! It makes everything more fun and enjoyable.

4- Upgrade your armor next. Your armor gives you the most survivability out of all three clothing types so it’s definitely worth it at end game or PvP.

5- Keep track of exactly how much health you have left by using milliseconds (ms) for readouts like “35/200” which will show that you’re at 35% health remaining with 190 HP maximum.

6- Get kills with every gun to fully upgrade them! You could even use guns that are not as powerful as some other ones if they suit your style of play better. For example, I sometimes use an M16 instead of an assault rifle because it has a high fire rate & I could quickly move around the map.

7- Sometimes you can use your low damage bullets to your advantage by spraying them in circles or at targets that are running away from you. This is useful when you’re out of ammo for all of your guns with good damages.

8- Always have a plan or strategy! You will most likely live longer that way. Have one person snipe while someone else goes into close-quarters combat using guns like shotguns or SMGs so long as they are relatively accurate.

9- Be sure to enjoy yourself! The most important thing about playing Free Fire is to have fun whenever you play it so don’t forget to laugh with your friends during tough games.

10- And Lastly, Never go into battle with randoms if they have an empty ammo slot because that means that they might need ammo, and if they shoot you for no reason, you might die and lose some EXP.


I hope these tips and tricks helped out! Let me know in the comments below if I did or did not cover something that YOU would like to see on

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