Any organization, large or small, requires an employee attendance tracking system for effective project and task management. In addition, management also needs to keep track of employee’s time and attendance to cope with disparities and variations within the organization and ensure appropriate payroll payout. 

In today’s competitive world, any technology that is automated advances dramatically. For example, a smart attendance system with face recognition capabilities is a significant improvement over manual attendance tracking, which is a time-absorbing and costly process for a group of staff.

Facial Recognition Attendance System: Safe Entry At Workplace
Image Courtesy: KENT CamAttendance

What is an Attendance System With Face Recognition?

Facial recognition is a safe method of recording attendance, where a face recognition system is used in this biometric identification process. The computer captures employees’ facial impressions, then process and store them in a secure database. A face coordinate structure is created by storing and mapping the scanned images. 

Employees’ faces can be accurately scanned using the app, which can be downloaded from any smartphone. The computer remembers the matched face for all subsequent check-ins once it has been registered.

The attendance system with face recognition has become all the more useful recently as the biometric attendance systems have been banned since the COVID-19 pandemic because they are considered a major virus transmitter.

Let’s have a glance at some of the befits of using an attendance system with face recognition:

  • Real-Time Data Tracking

Compared to biometric and ID cards, which synchronize employee data with a time lag, the attendance system with face recognition makes time records accessible in real-time. Managers can make critical resource allocation decisions due to such a comprehensive system.

  • Reduced Errors 

The attendance system with face recognition provides reliable data with minimal human interference, reducing duplicate errors and eliminating the need for manual labour.

  • Effortless system Integration 

This attendance system is easily compatible with other HR elements such as payroll and leave. In addition, it can easily scale up and process large numbers of facial IDs in a database in a structured and comprehensive manner.

  • Increased Safety and Security

Not only will an attendance system with face recognition measure turnout, but it will also keep track of the people’s movements. This system will come in handy when you want to keep track of a person’s whereabouts – it will easily show you when they entered and exited and where they went on a very detailed level. All of this ensures that the workplace will have a far higher degree of protection.

  • Saves Time

COVID19 is afflicting the entire world, and it is past time for us to pay attention to social distancing. Keeping a healthy distance from others has become essential in today’s world. However, if you have a manual attendance system, times like these can be troublesome.

An attendance system with face recognition, on the other hand, would enable you to not only record a person’s attendance but also keep you at a safe distance from them so you can function remotely while still seeing who is coming and going. 

Facial recognition technology systems are here to stay, and businesses that can adjust to it quickly will be ahead of the lot in the race to optimize HR performance. They should select strategies with future-proof functionality that will assist HR leaders in guiding businesses to long-term success.

Your Way Forward

You should always invest in such technologies from reputed and reliable brands like KENT, who offer advanced, easy-to-use, attendance management systems like KENT CamAttendance with face recognition technology and cloud storage to ensure seamless processes.

In addition, they help you with installing multiple devices in multiple as well as single locations. As a result, the entire method of documenting and handling attendance is simple for all the stakeholders. 

The recognition logs are synced to the cloud app in real-time after the attendance is registered on the computer, and they can be used to produce attendance reports.

The KENT CamAttendance framework can be integrated with your existing HRMS through APIs, webhooks, scheduled data dumps, and other methods. This new face recognition attendance system can help you replace previous online attendance systems with ease. Besides, you can also book a free trial from their website. So, get going now!

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