Download GBWhatsapp – As the most popular messaging application and has been downloaded millions of times on PLASSEORE.

Therefore it is certain that almost all android users use WhatsApp as their messaging application. Now sending messages by SMS is no longer an era.

Well, this time I will share about WhatsApp mod namely GB WA. Maybe you have often heard one modify the application on this.

GBWhatsapp is a mod version application of Whatsapp which has many features.

Now in this article, I will discuss it thoroughly and also provide a download link for those of you who want to try it.

We always try to update the download link if there is a GBWhatsapp update.

You need to know that there are currently a lot of other mod versions of WhatsApp. For example, this Latest Whatsapp Mod is a WA app that has been changed to resemble the brand of a mobile phone next door.

But now the most famous version of the WA application is GBWA. Why?

Because one of the many who use it and not because of its features that are always updated.

We provide direct GB Whatsapp Download, a one-click direct download path without having to be waiting there.

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Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2019

Application NameGB Whatsapp
APK size56.8MB
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 4.0+
Application NameGBWhatsApp

Download GBWhatsapp.V910.apk

We use a Mediafire Link to make it easier for you to download all the apk on this website. With only one click, the download will run. Easy and fast.

What’s new in version 9?

  • Base update version 2.19.308 from the official WhatsApp.
  • Repair the anti-banned system.
  • A feature is available to temporarily disable WA.
  • Do Not Disturb feature.
  • Live Location Feature (Sends our location wherever we move).
  • Send a message even though the number has not been saved.
  • Schedule a Message. You can type messages now, and set when they will be sent.

Download The Latest Delta Gb Whatsapp 2019

Download Delta GbWhatsapp

Here is the GB WhatsApp from Deltalabs with the latest features. We will continue to always update the latest version. On this page.


Download GB Whatsapp Transparent

gbwhatsapp Transparent Prime Version

In this transparent version of gbwhatsapp, you will see your WhatsApp background according to your active wallpaper theme.

For features, in general, the same as other Whatsapp GB. So if you are interested in this transparent version of GBWhatsapp, please download the link below.

Download GBWhatsappTransparan.apk

Feature Explanation:

  1. Mod uses the latest version of WA.
  2. You can take a peek at the message drawn by your chat opponent.
  3. Can play videos on WhatsApp using the default video player on your Android device.
  4. You can read the group’s description according to WA contact status.
  5. Payment Menu – But this feature is only available for India.
  6. Adds someone’s name tag feature in the group.
  7. Automatic reply feature – you can by setting automatic reply if you are busy.
  8. Add some new group features.
  9. Added several New Emojis.
  10. Can activate DND Mode (Don’t Gangu) on WhatsApp, automatically you will be offline.
  11. Send broadcast messages to groups.
  12. Filters the WA message you want to delete.
  13. Displaying messages cannot be withdrawn.
  14. Turn on your current location. Make it easy to share your location with your friends.
  15. You can now add effects to photos or videos to send to friends.
  16. Draw lots of WA messages at once.
  17. There is no limit to the number when sending files.
  18. Emoticons search feature.
  19. Now you can make calls to contacts that you have not saved.
  20. Automatic downloads for groups or special contacts that you choose.
  21. You can send WA messages to contacts with the schedule you have specified.
    Hide view status.

Added feature to hide chat or save status. The following features the latest updates

  1. New Emoji Add.
  2. Video calls can be accessed.
  3. The video size limit has been increased to 50MB.
  4. Add characters Change the Group name to 35 characters.
  5. Hide online status, last seen, check two, check blue, etc.
  6. You can copy and paste your friend’s status.
  7. Added feature of sending broadcast messages up to 600 of your contacts.
  8. Your status can now be up to 255 characters.
  9. Supported by 100 language options.
  10. Many theme options available.
  11. Always online 24 hours, but it will drain your battery.
  12. Can be installed without having to delete the old WhatsApp.
  13. There is no risk of being banned.
  14. You can share your concoction theme and be used by many other GBWA users.
  15. Can send 90 images only once.
  16. Can save links without having to save admin contacts in groups or contact numbers.
  17. Can copy and paste the text of the message you want.
  18. Added WhatsApp lock feature without app additions.
  19. There is a menu to change the notification icon.

How To Update Gb Whatsapp

  • First, download the apk above.
  • Search where the GBWhatsapp apk file is stored.
  • You can choose to delete the old GB Wa or directly overwrite it.
  • Then click on the GB Wa APK file.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • Done, please check on the menu about whether the latest version 9.10.

How To Install The Latest GB Whatsapp

If you have never installed this type of application. You should follow the following guidelines because there are settings that you must activate first so that the application can be installed properly on your android device.

Make sure you have downloaded the GBWhatsapp application from the link above.

1. First set the privacy for installing unknown applications by going to Settings> Additional Settings> Privacy> check “Unknown Sources“.

Install WhatsApp MOD iOS2. After that install, GBWhatsapp then open the app and enter your phone number.

3. Then after entering your personal number. Furthermore, this GBWA app will send an SMS code and the code will be read automatically when the SMS message successfully received on your phone.

4. Application ready to use.

GB Whatsapp was Temporarily Blocked

If you are experiencing this, the only thing you can do is wait for the time period of the block to end or start to use a new number.

Related to this there has been an official statement from WhatsApp. Please read carefully the FAQ Regarding Temporary Blocked Accounts

According to WhatsApp why we are blocked when using this WhatsApp, because WhatsApp cannot protect our data when we use GB Whatsapp or other WhatsApp.

So it is more to our privacy itself.

How To Add Stickers To Whatsapp GB

There are at least two ways that we can use to add stickers. And we will discuss both. This is the first way

The First Way Without Application

  1. This can be called a trick too. How to send stickers from another cellphone from your friends.
  2. If it has been accepted on gbwhatsapp click on the sticker then select the Favorite menu.
  3. Create clay stickers that have been saved, select the sticker menu and click Favorite.

The Second Way With Application

  1. Download the application here.
  2. Udan downloaded? Just install it.
  3. Prepare the sticker first.
  4. Open the application select Add and select the sticker you want to enter. Done.
  5. Please check on the GBWA already entered or not.

By installing WA this version you will get special features such as hiding the last seen feature, suitable for those of you who are lazy at the points, hide check two, hide blue check, and many other features.

In addition, you also install your own theme or from your own download.

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