Best notepad Digital recommendations – There are so many new types of sophisticated devices that can make doing things even more practical and cool. One of the latest sophisticated devices is digital notepad.

So far the notepad software is already on the computer or laptop and does not need to be installed. But in its latest development, notepad became a new device that was separate from the laptop or computer.

You can use digital notepad to record various things that are needed. It can also save paper. Maybe many of you know that with the number of papers used, more trees must be cut down.

It’s a pity because the use of paper is often but only used for a while, after that it is thrown back. Therefore, it is better to reduce the consumption of paper for example to record. Instead, use this device.

Maybe you are looking for a digital notepad recommendation. Then you can see some of the best digital notepad lists in this article.

How to Choose a Digital Notepad

Digital notepad consists of various types and brands. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

To get the best digital notepad, you have to consider many things. Here are some ways to choose a digital notepad to suit your needs.

1. Choose Notepad’s Shape and Design

The form of a digital notepad must be adjusted to the way you use it and where you normally use it.

For example, if you often take him traveling then choose a digital notepad that has strong material, has a protective screen, a back cushion, and so on. If you will use it often, you have to choose a durable one. Then have plenty of storage space.

Body and Screen Size

It would be better if you choose a lightweight digital notepad that is easy to carry. Body size is also not too large to be more practical. However, if used in an office or a large body house it doesn’t matter.

Then for the screen size must fit, select which can display the writing well so that it is easy to see. If it is used to record many things, the large screen size must be selected.

2. Select Power Supply Type

If it is used not too often or at certain times, choosing a digital notepad that is recharged is not a problem. You can choose a digital notepad whose battery uses a button cell or alkaline type.

If you are traveling, prepare a spare battery, so that if you don’t charge it, it can still be used because the battery can be replaced.

3. Additional features

A good digital notepad will have many features. Some features that usually exist are automatic power off.

Its function is to make the device turn off automatically if it is not used for a certain period. There is also a one-touch erase feature whose purpose is to delete what has been written in just one touch.

Another feature that should not be missed is data storage. If you often write, make sure that the data storage is large and sufficient.

It’s also better to choose notepad that can directly send data to a smartphone or computer. Some of the best digital notepads have the ability to sound an alarm and save schedules.

Usually has a feature called electronic memo pad. In addition, there are many other types of features.

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations

This digital notepad recommendation that will be given has a lot of features.┬áSo it’s not just to write or record.

Just look at the list of the best digital notepad that we summarized for you.

1. ACECAD Digimemo L2

Digital Notepad Recommendations

You can use this digital notepad just like using paper. Because it can draw or make notes on it.

Notepad is equipped with an application called Digi Memo and a memory card to store data and has a stylus where the ink cartridge can be replaced.

One of the best digital notepads also has other advanced features, that is, you can capture text from paper and then save it in digital form. ACECAD Digimemo L2 is indeed quite expensive, which is around $159.19.

2. Fullbell LCD Graphic Drawing Board

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations - Paper Saving tips

This digital notepad has a 12-inch screen so it is quite large so that many things can be recorded. The LCD part uses plastic but is durable and of high quality.

To write on it you can use a stylus that is already available, it can also be with other objects that have smooth edges.

Besides being a notepad, the back can be used as a mouse pad. Fullbell LCD Graphic Drawing Board is sold for around 90$.

3. Glasser Writing Tablet

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations - Paper Saving tips

Digital Notepad Glasser Writing Tablet has a size of 8.5 inches. You can draw or write anything on it.

This Notepad is very comfortable to hold because the design is thin. You can carry this notepad anywhere because you can put it in a bag.

Another advantage of this digital notepad is that the back uses a magnet so that it can be attached to the wall.

4. Powerbeast Digital Pad / Writing Tablet

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations - Paper Saving tips

One of the best digital notepad has a size of 8.5 inches with a thickness of 4.3 mm so the weight is light.

The back of this notepad is also equipped with a magnet so it can be affixed to an iron or refrigerator.

The memory capacity of a digital notepad is quite large so it can be used to accommodate 100,000 more data.

The main advantage of this device is that it has an eye protector feature that will protect your eyes.

5. Howshow LCD Digital Handwriting

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations - Paper Saving tips

This digital notepad screen measures 10.1 inches so that it can be used to record many things. This Notepad can be used for writing or drawing.

When used for drawing, the result will look very good because it has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

6. Haoxie Tablet Digital Writing Pad

Best Digital Notepad Recommendations - Paper Saving tips

Haoxie Tablet Digital Writing Pad is one of the best digital notepad that has a 8.5 inch screen.

Besides being able to use the stylus to write on it, you can also use your finger directly.

If you want to delete those that have been drawn or written, you only need to touch the delete button.

This digital notepad fits below anywhere on the go to the office or to school because of its lightweight.

That’s what some of the best digital notepad recommendations do to record whatever you need.

By using it you can save the environment from waste paper, save trees, and get devices that make it easier to record.

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